10 things that changed India in 2017

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A lot of things happened in the year 2017, few of them were good for our Country and few weren’t. But still these were the things that managed to change the lives or thinking of a common citizen of India.

In this list, we present before you all the things that changed India in 2017 in any manner:

Merger of Railway Budget with Common Budget

Whether People appreciate him or not, but Suresh Prabhu will definitely be known as a Railway Minister who didn’t hesitate while taking bold decisions for the betterment of Railway. One of his boldest decision was to change the 92 year old practice of presenting the Railway Budget separately than the common Budget.

The main benefit of this merger is that from now onwards Railways won’t have to pay the annual dividend that they had to pay for the gross budgetary support from the government. This will save some money for the Railway.

The second important thing about this decision is that the right to increase or decrease railway fares will be in the hands of Finance Minister and not Railway Minister.

India Launched a record-breaking 104 satellites from a single Rocket

Image: U.S. – Wall Street Journal

After sending a Mars Orbiter to space within a cost less than that of a Hollywood Movie in 2014, this is the second such record-breaking achievement by the Indian Space Research Organization, popularly known as ISRO. What makes this record more special is that it has broken the earlier record with a huge margin of 67. The earlier record was in the name of Russia for sending a mere 37 satellites to space in one go.

This achievement by our Scientists at ISRO definitely means that India’s status in the world politics will increase and will benefit us in building a relationship with other countries.

The Success of Baahubali 2 changed the Indian Cinema

We all know that a movie with VFX effects like that of the Baahubali was never been seen in Indian Cinema before the year 2016 when Baahubali: The Beginning arrived. The movie earned a lot and turned out to be a blockbuster.

The first part of Baahubali series made everyone wait for its second installment which came in this year and broke all the records ever made by an Indian movie. What’s more fascinating is the fact that the movie is made by the Telugu film Industry and not by the Bollywood. Other movie makers in India will definitely take some inspiration from S. S. Rajamouli to a make in future films of cadre like that of Baahubali.

Goods and Services Tax Implemented in India

After the recent demonetization in 2016, the Indian Government brings out the biggest tax reform ever in the History of India. This is definitely the thing that changed the lives of all the Businessmen and Retailers in India to some extent.

While some calling it Good and Simple Tax and others calling it Gabbar Singh Tax, it is a fact that this tax reform was aimed to simplify the Tax system of India. But till now, most common people seem to be even more confused by this new Tax System because the GST in India is very different from the GST in other countries around the world. Instead of a single Tax on all kinds of things, the government of India decided to keep the rates of tax for different kinds of things to the different, which can be called anything but not a Single Tax.

Ramnath Kovind becomes 14th President of India

Image: India.com

While India is on the path of becoming a country where there will be no discrimination of any kind. It is a fact that the Caste System and Untouchability on the basis of caste still prevails in India. Ramnath Kovind is the second Dalit President India has ever got and he is also the first one who comes from an RSS background. The First Dalit President of India was KR Narayanan.

Privacy becomes the fundamental Right of Every Indian

Article 21 of Indian Constitution states that Right to Life and Liberty is a right of every citizen of India. But, it was never said that Right to Privacy is intrinsic to it. But the year 2017 will always be known for this historic judgment by a bench of 9 judges of Supreme Court that declares privacy to be a fundamental right. The bench led by Chief Justice JS Khehar gave a 547-page Judgement on the issue.

Manushi Chillar crowned as Miss World 2017

Image: Indiatimes.com

We have seen Bollywood actresses getting the title of Miss World and Miss Universe. But it is not often to see a girl from a common Indian Family from a small town like Rohtak getting the crown of Miss World.

After a long gap of 17 years, Manushi Chillar has become the sixth Indian to hold this title. Earlier Reita Faria in 1965, Aishwarya Rai in 1994, Diana Hayden in 1997, Yukta Mookhey in 1999 and Priyanka Chopra in 2000 brought the crown to India.

India hosts first ever Fifa Tournament

The 17th Fifa U-17 world cup was successfully concluded in India this year across 4 cities without a sign of any revealed scam till now. English Team won the tournament unbeaten but the importance of this tournament was more for India. Along with hosting their first ever FIFA tournament, this was also the first appearance of India in the FIFA world cup at any age level.

Although we ended up getting the last position in a tournament of 24 participating teams. Still, this tournament definitely increased the popularity of this sport in India which may result in some better players in near future.

2G Scam Verdict: No Evidence, No One Guilty, Scam didn’t happen

One of the most popular scams of India that also became one of the most important reasons for the divergence of various congress supporters from the party never happed as per the recent verdict of the Court. As the end of the year was coming, this verdict by the special court in Mumbai shocked the people of India.

The Verdict that came after 6 years of the cancellation of 122 2G licenses by the Supreme Court acquitted all the people accused in the case including A. Raja, Kanimozhi, and others. According to the verdict, CBI failed to produce any verdict before the court that proves any kind of criminality done by the accused.

Triple Talaq: No More a way to Divorce

The year 2017 will always be known in the History of India for the verdict of the Supreme Court on Triple Talaq and thereafter, the formation of law against it by passing a bill in the parliament. In the year 2014, Ishrat Jahan’s husband divorced her over a phone call sitting in Dubai just by saying the word ‘Talaq’ three times. As per Sharia, this way of divorcing your wife is acceptable and Sharia Laws and as the Muslim Personal Law, this act was also accepted by the Indian Constitution. But, when Ishrat and 4 other Muslim women filed a petition against this Triple Talaq, whole India came to support them and the Supreme Court in its recent verdict disapproved Triple Talaq.

As the year was coming to an end, the Lower House of the Parliament has also passed the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill which is a bill that criminalizes the act of triple talaq and also imposes punishment on the people doing so. This will definitely change the lives of all the Muslim Women in India.

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