5-year-old girl allegedly raped by peon in Delhi’s Tagore Public School

A day after the horrifying incident of a cold-blooded-murder which took place within the premises of Gurugram’s Ryan International School, another similar incident came to the forefront in a different school within the domicile of Delhi. Vikas Jaiswal a forty-year-old man who works as a peon in Tagore Public School, Gandhi Nagar allegedly raped a five-year-old girl within the premises of the school on the 9th of September.

According to the child, she had mentioned about her abuse to one of her female teachers immediately after managing to rush out of the room where she was raped by the forty-year-old suspect Vikas Jaiswal.

She alleged that she mentioned that “Uncle had beaten her with fingers down there”. But, the teacher allegedly laughed off the complaint and said that she would “beat the uncle later.”

According to her, she was taken to a store room inside the premises of the school where Vikas the accused locked the door from inside and allegedly raped her. The school administration, however, the denied the existence of any such “store room” in the school, the girl pointed out that it was the same room where teachers would threaten to send the students if they misbehaved or did not complete their homework.

The parents of the victim spotted unusual behavior, as the five- year- old refused to have lunch with them after coming back from school. She was not even her usual spirited self as she refused to say a single word during the whole time, leading her parents to believe that she had fever.

But as it turned out, she was looking for a chance to slip into the bathroom to wash her clothes. “This was a highly unusual behavior, so I entered the bathroom to check. I saw blood stains on her clothes and blood-laced water on the bathroom floor. I checked further to realize that she had been raped,” recounted the girl’s mother.

The child was admitted to Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya, where the same teacher turned up and asked for permission to visit the child privately. The teacher then offered her chocolates in a bid to suppress the case,” the girl’s mother alleged, as told to Hindustan Times.

Rape or sexual abuse are vicious and outrageous crimes that are committed on a regular basis, something which is a major cause of misery to us. We hear about such cases occurring almost every day in some part of the country or another. But incidents like these, when a minor who is just five-years-old is allegedly raped, it causes a sense of distaste, utter hatred and revulsion against our society as a whole. It’s high time we stand up against the people who are responsible for such atrocities-people who are degrading the spirit of our Indian society.

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