5th Case of Minor Rape in past 6 days in Odisha

Image: Hindustan Times

A few days ago, the incident of the rape of a minor girl Asifa came into the limelight due to the charge sheet filed by the crime branch. People are conducting protests in the national capital demanding justice for Asifa. But the number of similar crimes against minor girls are still increasing and such rapes are happening daily across India. The current incident is of the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha where a 14-year-old girl has been raped by an auto-rickshaw driver. This is 5th reported rape incident in the state of Odisha in past 6 days between April 13 and April 17. Three of the previous four rape cases were within the same district of Balasore, the remaining one happened in Kalahandi district.

The incident in the Mayurbhanj district happened previous night where the auto-rickshaw driver kidnapped the tribal girl when she was returning from a function with her younger brother. The auto-rickshaw driver allegedly forced the girl to drink alcohol and then tried to rape her near Karanjia. When some local people rescued the girl, she is reported to be unconscious and was admitted to a local hospital in Karanjia.

This incident has also received some protest from the local people who blocked the Karanjia-Anandpur road demanding speedy justice to the teenager victim. Although the accused auto driver was arrested from the spot by the police, people want the court trials to finish as early as possible so that the accused can be given suitable punishment as per the law. Balasore district also saw a public outcry due to these back to back rapes and even the proceedings of the Assembly were stalled when this issue was raised on April 16.

The Voice Raiser is also demanding justice for the minor girls of our country who are being raped by the ill-minded culprits. We have been covering these stories very frequently just to show that Asifa is not the only minor girl who has been raped by some goons. An observation has been made from the data provided taken from National Crime Record Bureau that says that a sexual assault is done on a minor every 30 minutes in India. This is a huge concern and it proves that something is definitely wrong with the system that needs to be changed.

One thing that can be done by the government in this regard is extending the punishment for such a crime. But, will that be able to solve the problem if our Judicial System still stays so much time-consuming. The number of pending cases in the district courts of India has crossed the mark of crore. The 24 High Courts of India has an aggregate of nearly 50 lakh pending cases and Supreme Court accounts for nearly 50,000 pending cases. This is a matter in which the government and the Supreme court should immediately look into so that the justice can be provided on time and it can have some value.

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