8-month old baby girl raped by 28 year old cousin in India’s Capital

Image: India Today

A horrific incident happened in the India’s National Capital on Sunday has shaken the whole country where an eight-month-old baby gild has been allegedly raped by her 28 years old cousin who lives in the same house. Suraj, the accused lives on the ground floor of their house in the Shakurbasti area of New Delhi and his Uncle and Aunt live at the first floor of the same house along with their 8-month old baby girl.

Both the girls’ parents are working and were out of the house when Suraj committed this horrific and shameless crime. The victim’s father is a laborer and her mother work as a maid in the nearby houses of the Shakurbasti area. On Sunday, when she returned home at around 12:30 after finishing her work, she found that her daughter was unconscious and was bleeding from her private parts. She outrightly informed her husband about this who rushed her to the Kalawati Saran Hospital that is situated in the nearby area. Doctors examined her and found that the baby girl has been sexually assaulted. As per the report, there were injuries inside the private parts of the baby and had to undergo a three hours long operation which still hasn’t completely made sure that the child will survive.

The Police claim that Suraj was the prime suspect in this case and he has confessed to his crime after being interrogated by the Police. He has been charged under the provisions of Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) act and will get a minimum punishment of 10 years of imprisonment. At maximum, the accused may get a punishment of life imprisonment which is the highest punishment mentioned in the POCSO act, 2012.

It is worth noting here that in 2016, the Supreme Court of India had asked for a harsher punishment in similar cases of Child Abuse, but no concern was taken by our lawmakers on this suggestion. The data taken from the National Crime Record Bureau says that there has been an explosive rise in the rape cases against minors in past seven years. An observation has been made from the data that says a minor is abused sexually after every 30 minutes in India. Just two years back, a 28-day old girl was raped in the Bulandshahar district of Uttar Pradesh which is utterly disgusting and shameful for our country.

As suggested by the Supreme Court of India, The Voice Raiser also demands from our government to make this law against such a heinous crime harsher so that the children of our country can be saved from such perverted and ill-minded people like Suraj.

We already have punishments up to executions for rapes against adult females, this must be extended to children as well. Moreover, the government of India can also think about punishments like castration which has already been implemented in countries like US, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, Russia, New Zealand and Argentina to stop these dreadful crimes against children.

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