83-year-old man in Rajasthan marries a woman less than half of his age to get a son

Image: Daily Thanthi

An epitome potraying the regressive mentality of the Indian minds was recently reflected when an octogenarian married a woman who is just 30-year old to fulfil his desire of getting a son.

Not only the very reason for the second marriage is baseless and immoral but also illegal. The man named Sukram Bhairava being already married planned to enter another marriage with prior permission from his first wife. Belonging to a rural area they seemed oblivious of the fact that bigamy is a crime in India.

According to the man the only agenda of this marriage was to get a son. Sukram lost his only son 20years ago when he succumbed to a critical disease. Also, he has 2 daughters who are married. His first wife Batto allowed his husband to marry again owing to the reason that they do not have any heir to look after their vast ancestral property. How absurd can they sound?

The worst part was that no one objected to such framed marriage instead the residents of the Samrada village where the ceremony took place along with the 12 adjoining villages were invited to witness the occasion. We know that patriarchy resides in the very depth of the Indian villages but this fervent desire for a son took it to another level.

Not for a moment the couple thought of giving their property to their daughters, don’t they hold the same genetics as did their deceased son.

Taking ideology as the parameter, India is developing in two opposite directions. One, is the modern one India where we talk about LGBT rights, live-in relationships, tolerance, etc. While the other one is still struggling with the parochial outlook and this case of bigamy ascertained the fact.

Moreover, the man failed to take into account the repercussions of the same. If a daughter is born with the second wife as well. This is gross and if things would have been a little different instead of an 83-year old man if there was a woman, society would have not accepted it.

A huge crowd was present to welcome the blatant bridegroom mounted on the horse wearing a shinning sherwani leading the ‘Barat’ to marry a woman almost half a century younger than him.

When the authorities were contacted, the additional District Magistrate Rajnarayan Sharma said that the collector was on the leave and he himself was busy in the court. Although he said that he will visit the place soon to look into the matter.”Presently, I am not aware of this incident,” he added, asking that Zila Parishad chief Surendra Maheshwari be contacted.

Zila chief also expressed his ignorance about the incident but said that he will probe the matter as the second marriage is illegal since it took place in the lifetime of the first wife without the divorce to a much younger woman only to get a son.

Police must take action because cases like this imbibe the thought of carrying forward the old practices of prejudice promulgating wrong message to the society.

‘The Voice Raiser’ took the initiative of spreading this message so that authorities take proper action to discourage such acts.

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