Birbhum woman gang-raped for trying to end extra-marital affair

Rape is a crime which is committed in a monstrous margin against women in India. According to National Crime Records Bureau’s 2012 report, about 24,923 rape cases were reported across India. Out of these 98% of the cases were committed by someone who is known to the victim.

In this regard, West Bengal’s Birbhum district witnessed a similar incident on Monday, when a woman was allegedly gang-raped and a bottle was inserted into her private parts after she tried to end an extramarital affair.

Tarak Bhaskar the prime suspect was arrested by the police, who allegedly barged into the woman’s room at around on 1.30 a.m. on Monday night. He was accompanied by his two friends. All three of them were in an inebriated state, according to the victim.

“We have arrested key accused Tarak Bhaskar on the basis of the complaint of the victim. We are interrogating him. We are also trying to nab the two others,” said Neelkanth Sudheer Kumar, Birbhum district police superintendent told the Hindustan Times.

According to local residents, Tarak lived in the same locality where the woman lived. He was a married man with two children. When the victim told him that she wanted to end the illicit relationship they shared, he took her to an abandoned place and sexually assaulted her. When she informed her neighbors about what Tarak did to her, Tarak resorted to Monday’s gangrape.

“After they raped me, they thrust a bottle in my private parts before leaving,” the woman told the police. A liquor bottle from which the alleged culprits were drinking was thrust into her private parts according to the police.

Women have been subject to oppression since time immemorial. Rape is one of the primary forms exploitation that is inflicted upon women, especially in this country. They don’t feel safe on the streets, in their own locality, own workspace, home and not even in the arms of their beloved. Their bodies are dealt with in a manner which reflects the amount of respect one has for them in this society. It is indeed a very sorry state of affairs.

What most people must try to imbibe, is that every individual has the right to make his /her own judgment. If this woman wanted to have an extra-marital affair, it was her personal choice, if she decided to end it, that too rests solely upon on her choice. Just because she wanted to end the relationship, a man accompanied by his friends gang-raped her in a brutal manner. Her body was treated as a source of redemption. This goes to show, where the mental degradation of these men had reached. If proven guilty, they should be castigated in the most severe way, so as to set an example.

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