Raise your voice

“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against victimization, injustice, immorality and impropriety”.

What if you were asked to imagine a nation without justice? Unthinkable right?

But, the dreadful sight of victim being treated worse than ‘mere non-valuable things’ has left no stance to imagine the other side of the story. This is where THE VOICE RAISER (TVR) wants to play a major role, to provide victims the status they deserve in the society.

Who Are We

We are a bunch of young enthusiasts who dedicate themselves to the cause of safety and security of victims at large. We hail from different industries with diverse backgrounds but possess the same rationale.


  1. Our mission is to raise a voice, the story of every human and their contribution towards society and nation.
  2. An effort towards elevate voice against victimization and wish to make ‘INDIA’ a victim free nation.

The Voice Raiser is India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against victimization, injustice, immorality and impropriety. An initiative to raise voice against injustice. TVR aims to unite and reach out to the human beings within the country as well as overseas.

Monitoring the immense power of storytelling, we at TVR aspire to cover stories of victims and sufferers to give power to other victims. Largely our focus will be to cover stories of victims, survivors, women, men, laws, justice, injustice, facts, motivation etc., in written form as well as via videos. We wish to reach the poorer section of the society as well to bring ‘change’ in the society, especially the way victims are treated in the society at large.

In its inception year, our target is to cover more than 15,000 survivors regardless of their social ‘status’. Our main motive is to disseminate strength to the so called ‘weaker’ section of the society. Our page will initially have two-three sub-categories depending on the content which will be filtered or split as per necessity.

Our role will not only be to tell stories but also conduct various events for both men and women majorly in rural areas where many don’t have access to internet. The idea is to also understand the ecosystem of men and women to help them fight their own battles.

Raise your voice with us and inspire others to fight like you! #RaiseYourVoice