Alwar Teacher tortures his 82 years old paralytic mother

old lady tortured by her son
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A video is getting viral all over the social media that shows a guy beating an old lady while he takes her to defecate. The old lady is hardly able to move but the guy keeps beating her as if he has gone insane. You can have a look at this video here.

The incident is of the Alwar district of Rajasthan where an 82-years-old paralytic woman was allegedly killed by her son. This video came after the death of the lady and was shot by the nephew of this rotter guy. The video was recorded 9 days before the woman finally passed away. After seeing this video, the common assumption would be that this guy must be unemployed or uneducated, but that’s a completely wrong assumption in this case. The guy teaches English to children in a local school and has been identified as Jogender Choudhary living in Shahjahanpur Village of Alwar district in Rajasthan.

The Video shows how relentless can any person be for someone who fostered him for his life. She is the woman who carried him in her womb for 9 months. She is the one who sacrificed her own meals just to feed him. She nurtured him and made him capable of what he is today. Still, she had to face this brutal behavior by her son. What can be a bigger irony than this?

Although there has not been a solid proof that the guy is responsible for the death of his mother, the video gives an indication that he can be the potential murderer of his mother as well. While interrogating his nephew, the police came to know that this was a common practice in their home and this insane guy used to beat her very often since she got a paralytic attack 6 months ago. The nephew used to see this torture towards his grandmother by his uncle very frequently and one day decided to expose him. He recorded the whole act in a smartphone from a window in his house and sent it to his friends. The video went viral within few days and that’s how local police got to know about it. The Police asked Jogender to report to the nearest police station for the probe, but he didn’t come. That’s what made Police file an FIR against him under multiple sections of IPC. Currently, he is under the custody of police.

Doing some research on this issue gave us some horrible facts about such cases of elder abuse in India. A recent survey by Agewell Foundation NGO reported that nearly 25% to 30% of elderly people in India are somehow abused and 59% of the total abusers are real sons of these elderly people. Mr. Kundan Srivastava, Human Rights Activist and founder of The Voice Raiser also exposed a case of Elderly abuse by installing CCTV cameras in a house where the daughter-in-law of an old lady used to beat her. You can see the coverage of ABP News on that issue here.

The Voice Raiser condemns such horrible acts of cruelty and ruthlessness. There must not be any place for such people who beat or mistreat their parents. The government needs to come up with some law that can decrease the number of such hard-hearted behaviors against the elderly people of our society. The number of old age homes should also be increased so that these dependent people can live a life of respect instead of being beaten by their children like this.

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