Is there anything fishy about Sridevi’s death?

With daylong news debates and discussions over the sudden demise of Sridevi over the said cardiac arrest stopped today after the Dubai health ministry officials unearthed the autopsy report of the veteran actress Sridevi. Legendary Bollywood actor Sridevi died of accidental drowning in her hotel bathtub, the Ministry of Health, UAE, confirmed on Monday.

The ‘First female superstar’ of Bollywood, and Padma Shree awardee Sridevi, who acted in over 100 films, reportedly died of a cardiac attack after collapsing in a bathroom at Jumeirah Emirates Towers late on Saturday night. She was only 54 while in Dubai for the wedding of her nephew, Mohit Marwah. This sad news left the country in shock and grief as the Bollywood icon Sridevi, loved by millions for her roles in movies like “Mr. India”, “Chandni”, and “Himmatwala”.

Until now, the news about the cardiac arrest was flooding the news channels but the autopsy report has changed the whole case from an unfortunate event to a suspicious murder. Yesterday, the news said that Sridevi was in her hotel room when she collapsed due to the Cardiac arrest in Dubai on Saturday evening. A medical team tried and failed to revive her. She was declared dead when she was taken to the hospital. The new facts revealed today have brought the case to another level. A lot of questions has risen regarding her death.

The actions of Sridevi’s husband Bonney Kapoor are highly questionable. According to a source close to the family, Kapoor flew back from Mumbai and went to her room at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel around 5:30 pm to “surprise” her with dinner. He woke her up and the couple chatted for about 15 minutes before he invited her for dinner. The Chandni-fame star then went to the washroom. After 15 minutes passed and Sridevi did not come out, Kapoor knocked on the door to check on her. When he got no response, he forced open the door to find the legendary actor lying motionless in the bathtub full of water. “He tried to revive her and when he could not, he called a friend of his. After that, he informed the police at 9 pm,” said the source.

A Gulf-based newspaper contradicted the report that she was with Boney Kapoor in her hotel room. The newspaper suggests that it was a hotel staffer, not Boney Kapoor, who raised alarm after she failed to open the door after multiple doorbells. “At around 10.30 pm, she called the room service to request for water. When the server reached her room within 15 minutes, the actor did not attend to multiple doorbells. After a few minutes, fearing something was amiss, the staffer raised an alarm. When we broke into the room, we found her on the bathroom floor. This was around 11 PM. She had a pulse when we found her,” a source from the hotel said.

Sridevi’s body will be brought back to Mumbai in a chartered jet but it is not clear when. Several events and shooting have been either canceled or delayed. Shabana Azmi informed that they are calling off the Holi party which they host every year.

Our generation has witnessed the glamour and charm of the actress. We have grown up watching her movies and enduring her. Team TVR expresses their deep sense of dejection and condolences toward this loss of the nation. Sridevi will be remembered for her versatile acting for ages.

The Voice Raiser pays its tribute to the veteran actress.

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