CBSE Leak: Arrests, Protests and Re-exam

Image: The Hindu

The CBSE Leak have shaken the entire nations and raised serious questions about the education system of the country. However, the announcement of Class 12th Economics re-exam erupted outrage across the country.

Last week, a group of CBSE students gathered outside CBSE office in New Delhi and protested against the decision. This was just a glimpse of what every student was feeling and expressing across India: paying the price of somebody else’s faults.

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After the major paper leak, CBSE had announced re-exam of Economic paper in April. However, a majority of Class 12 students were visibly upset by the decision. Why? Well, here are few reasons as cited by the students and their parents:

  1. Students had toiled over months to give the board exam, which also marked the final exams of their school life. Just when every student wanted to relax and release the stress, the announcement of the re-exam stunned them. It would put additional pressure on their minds while being worse for students who were already battling exam pressure.
  2. The students felt that they were getting punished for the crime of others. Despite having nothing to do with the leak or reaping no benefits from it, the students are forced to give re-exam simply because few people were greedy and the CBSE officials were lax.
  3. Most students had entrance exams scheduled immediately after the board exams, that would define the course of their career. The scheduling of the re-exam in April put them in a dilemma: to prepare for the re-exam or for the entrance exams.

Meanwhile, police had nabbed a lot of people who were involved in the paper leak. On Saturday, 12 people were arrested from Jharkhand for having a hand in the Class 10h Math paper leak. On Sunday, another 3 were arrested in Delhi for leaking Class 12 Economics paper. It seems that more would follow. At the same time, CBSE had suspended the officer who was supervising the exam center from where the Economics paper was leaked.

However, CBSE made it clear today that there would be no re-examination for Class 10 students in any part of India or abroad. It came as a major relief to students who were confused and scared about the possibility to give the re-exam.

The CBSE leak and the earlier SSC leak raises important questions about the education system and the corruption it harbors within it. Apparently, money is more appealing than the future of students.

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