On his birthday, another patriot died in Pak killing

Innumerable Indian soldiers have sacrificed their life till now, as a price for something that happened in 1947.

Partition was indeed painful but, what is more, distressing is the legacy of hatred it gave to both the nations. Instead of burying the things with the past, thousands of skirmishes at the border kept the horror alive.

Though various ceasefire pacts have been signed between the two nations, Pakistan never hesitated from violating the same multiple times. India always reacted in defence and has never been the initiator of conflict. Defence is not an easy piece of cake. And this can be gauged by the numerous lives that have been sacrificed by India till now.

The recent case being that of BSF jawan and the head constable RP Hazra who on his birthday sacrificed his life while defending our country.

Along the international border of the Arnia Sector of Jammu, Border Security Forces suspected some suspicious activities, which led to the start of firing, killing one suspect. In the nearby Samba border, HP Hazra was posted who too was intensely struggling and fighting when Pakistan violated the cease-fire. It was in this tussle that he lost his life.

It is not the individual soldiers whose life is at stake but their families suffer emotionally too. For a nation to survive and live peacefully it becomes very important for it to maintain cordial relation with its neighbours.

Image: Hindustan Times

But when it comes to India and Pakistan, the situation is entirely different. It is because both the nations originated from a piece of land that was earlier united and the situations with led this partition were sour and communal. Bangladesh too was once part of India but its relation with India never took violent turns. India is the country which has never been alleged for sponsoring terrorist activities or breaking international border rules. Thus, we have very well understood the necessity of maintaining harmony and peace, which our attitude as a nation displays it very well.

History is something to embrace and learn from. It is not meant for holding grudges.

This is something these nations should have learnt long before. At the end, it is not the government organisations and bureaucracy that suffers, but the common people and the army who devote their entire lives to their country.

India has been tolerating the harsh and cruel response from Pakistan since years. Official figures say that a total of 820 cases of ceasefire violation were recorded in 2017. This portrays Pakistan as the apparent culprit. The army General of India shared some views on the policy being followed by the army for tackling such intrusions. He said that we were just responding to their(Pakistan) actions.

India showed a deviation from the trivial policy of countering such violations by adopting a more aggressive ways. Surgical strike being one of them.

There is a solution to every problem. Hatred ain’t going to help anyone. These nations need to give a chance to peace and friendship for once to witness the power it holds.

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