BJP’s clean sweep in UP & Uttarakhand, Congress rules Punjab

According to the result trends hold, BJP is making a comeback in Uttar Pradesh. It will be largest victory for Bhartiya Janta party in Uttar Pradesh which is mainly a Muslim majority state. This touted win is seen as a repeat of party’s Lok Sabha win, where BJP won 90 percent seats. Meanwhile, there has been celebrations have already started amongst BJP workers.

According to the predictions by multiple exit polls, BJP was riding ahead of the Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance. This is a huge triumph by PM Narendra Modi led BJP in Uttar Pradesh, with the party set to win over 324 of the state’s 403 seats. It looks like Holi celebrations have already started for Bhartiya Janta party as it celebrates its biggest success since epic 2014 national election win. Not only UP the saffron party has also won Uttarakhand state elections too.

Congress have had a little bit of relief in Punjab elections with the party winning the Punjab elections. On the other hand Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party couldn’t score much victory in either of the states.

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