Boy kills his father who raped his married sister twice

This world is becoming a really unimaginable place to live. Even the most pious relations aren’t spared by lust and perversion. In yet another incest act, a father raped her daughter in Jamnagar’s Jodiya Taluka Village. But what followed after this heinous crime was even more shocking. To many it might seem fair as well.

The poor victim recited her ordeal to her 19-year-old brother who rushed to his father and asked him whether the allegation was true. The brother lived in Jamnagar city. He couldn’t imagine his own father would do this to his own daughter. Unable to control his anger he killed his father. The man has raped her daughter twice on Sunday.

The victim has came back to her house only a month back since things were not working out with her husband who use to reside in Dwarka. But sadly even her own home wasn’t safe for her.

“The rape survivor had returned to stay with her mother since one month due to troubled relationship with her husband in Devbhoomi Dwarka district. Her father, who worked as casual labourer, came home once every 10-15 days,” P S Koringa, sub-inspector, Jodiya police station, told TOI

Women are not even safe in their own families. In the above mentioned incident not only victim and her brother’s life has been destroyed but the mental anguish she will suffer for lifetime will be even more traumatic.

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