BSF Jawan forgot to use ‘Shri’ before PM Modi’s Name, Loses 7 Day’s Pay


Update- PM Modi has taken action on the issue and BSF Jawan is now getting his regular pay.

It has been written in our constitution that India is a democracy and the citizens have right to speech. But when it comes to the Soldiers of our country, they face the biggest discrimination in this context. The current incident is of the Mahatpur, Nadla (West Bengal) where a BSF Jawan in 15th battalion headquarters was given a punishment of seven-day salary cut just because he forgot to put Honourable or Shri before our Prime Minister’s name.

According to a report by The Times of India, constable Sanjeev Kumar, while giving a report in the Zero Parade, used the word “Modi Programme” while referring a policy of center government. As per the commanding officer of the battalion, Commandant Anup Lal Bhagat, this was an act of disrespect for the Prime Minister of our Country and he straight away initiated a disciplinary action against the Constable.

Although the act by this Jawan was a violation of the section 40 of the BSF act which states the disciplines and orders that a BSF Constable has to follow. Still it was just a mistake and he was not referring to Prime Minister Modi himself, instead he was just referring to a policy of the Central Government. So, this must not be considered under a violation of the BSF Act and the seven day’s pay of the Constable should be given to him.

Even the Senior officers of the Border Security Force have termed this punishment a bit harsh and unjustifiable. In my opinion, these soldiers are the people who are always ready to give their life for the security of our country and its citizens. These are the people whose family is at a different place and are completely dependent on the salary earned by the jawan. It’s understandable that the discipline is a must when we talk about the security forces of a country. But in this case, the Jawan didn’t commit this mistake intentionally.

We feel that the punishment given to Constable Sanjeev Kumar is completely illogical and uncalled for. The higher authorities should intervene in this subject and the constable should get his complete salary back.

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