Bus conductor receives bail in Ryan Murder Case, claims police brutality and forced confession

Source: Hindustan Times

The infamous Ryan murder case continues to reveal startling revelations. Ashok Kumar the bus conductor, who was initially arrested on the charges of killing 7-yr old Pradyuman on September 8, revealed that he was tortured and forced into confusion.

The initial theory of the Gurgaon Police was already debunked by the court, proclaiming that there was not enough evidence that incriminate Ashok for the murder. After the CBI investigation zeroed into another suspect, Kumar applied to bail and was granted the same on Tuesday. What followed was a classic display of police brutality.

Ashok Kumar was visibly in a very bad shape, weakened by 75 days in police custody. While he was unable to speak much, his wife told reporters that Kumar was brutally tortured by the Gurgaon Police. He was subjected to violence and electric shocks, forcing him to confess to murdering Pradyuman.

Looking back, the Ryan Murder case looks quite similar to the Arushi murder case, in regards to police incompetence and the eagerness of the police to catch a “culprits”, guilty or not. Ashok Kumar was arrested mere hours after the murder, even when there was not enough evidence (and still aren’t) to make him a probable suspect.

The later CBI investigations revealed that the murder was committed actually by a class 11th student, with the sole motive of postponing the exams. Even though the boy is not yet proclaimed guilty and currently in a juvenile home, the CBI team is said to have gathered enough evidence. The Gurgaon Police, on the other hand, had earlier theorized that Ashok Kumar had killed the child was failing to sexually assault him. In his “confession”, Kumar said that the young Pradyuman had caught him masturbating in the washroom, after which Kumar tried to sexually assault him. Failing to do that and fearing to be caught, he murdered the child with a knife. This theory was dismissed by the court after the police failed to provide enough supporting evidence.

Source: Indian Express

Ashok Kumar, however, is still not given a clean chit. He is still to present himself before the CBI investigators whenever summoned. But after enduring days of torture under the Gurgaon police, Kumar is relieved to at least be back amongst his family. The big question is this: Will the Gurgaon police be held accountable for torturing a person into giving confession and planting evidence? Or would we see yet another case of neglected justice?

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