Child abuse incidents in Delhi show the ugly face of society

(Source: Scroll Cafe)

Rape is a horrific crime to do in itself, but raping a child is something incomprehensible to human sanity. Yet, two incidents surfaced in Delhi in the last week alone that made us wonder at the level of human monstrosity.


The first incident happened in south-west Delhi on Sunday. Two girls, age 5 and 9, were playing outside one of their homes when a man named Mohammed Jainul approached them. He promised to give them sweets before abducting and molesting them. After the deed, he gave them Rs.5 each.

However, the pain of the assault forced one of the girls to tell her mother about the incident. The families, who are laborers by profession, approached the police and filed a complaint. DCP Milind Mahadeo Dumbere personally conducted the inquiries and arrested the accused, before sending him to 14-days judicial custody. The 60-year man is married and has kids.

(Source: Odisha Sun Times)

The second incident took place in south Delhi. A 12-year old girl was raped for as long as four months by the relative of her landlord. The accused, Bunty, was noticed by the girl’s sister when leaving her room one day. When it became clear that the 24-year old man was raping the girl, a complaint was filed. Even though Bunty tried to escape, he was caught at one of his relative’s place.


The two incidents bring out a very heinous problem that plagues our society: the abuse of our children. A lack of sexual education and stigma associated with child abuse has ensured that thousands of kids never realize that they were getting abused before it’s too late. Most of the times the culprits are family members or close acquaintances, which compel parents to bury the issue and avoid getting shamed in the society.


In 2015, about 15,000 cases of child abuse were registered in India. Despite the stringent POSCO Act, a huge number of cases still go unreported. Boys and girls are equally at risk, because those with twisted minds do not differentiate between their prey. It is time we nab them instead of worrying about the society.

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