Child tries to breastfeed from her mother, as she lies dead along the tracks in Damoh, MP

In a heart-wrenching incident on Wednesday morning, in Madhya Pradesh’s Damoh district, 250km from Bhopal, a woman lay dead by the railway tracks, with her 18-month-old child, crying and clinging to her while breastfeeding from her.

It is suspected she either fell off a train or was hit by one. The back of her head was wounded and the impact of the fall and the bleeding may have caused her death. However, she did not die immediately.

Around 6 am, the villagers found the body of the dead woman and the crying child trying to wake her up. The villagers called the Railway Police. Police officer, Anil Tiwari said: “She died before people found her. The child wasn’t injured.” As reported by Hindustan Times.

The starving child was alternatively nibbling on a biscuit, which was probably given by her mother. He wasn’t injured because her mother had probably held him close to herself.

“She was injured but probably conscious; opened a biscuit packet and gave some to the child. She breastfed her child to ensure he survives,” the police officer added.

When the child was separated from his mother, he yelled out and cried, shaking everyone present at the spot. Officer Tiwari remarked: “it shakes you to the core, however hardened you have become over the years.”

It doesn’t end here. When the woman’s dead body and the child were taken to the government hospital, the hospital refused to admit the child since he wouldn’t be able to pay the admission fee of Rs. 10. It was not until a ward boy who came forward to pay the amount, that the child was taken in for treatment.

While the dead body was sent for an autopsy, the child was sent to a children’s home. Notices have been sent out to reach out to the family. The child will be handed over to them after verifying the credentials. The only lead that the police have, in order to identify the deceased woman, is a purse that was recovered from the spot.

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Featured Image: Hindustan Times

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