Class 3 student mercilessly slapped by teacher 40 times in 3 minutes

So much for not saying ‘present’ during attendance call?

A footage of the CCTV camera installed in a classroom at St. John Vianney School in Lucknow, shows how brutally a teacher slapped a class three student 40 times in three minutes for not responding to his roll call.

The child said that he was engrossed in a drawing, so he missed the roll call.

The footage shows the class of around forty children, stunned as they watched their teacher, Retika V John, snatching a piece of paper from the student and slapping him mercilessly with both her hands.

The incident came to the forefront when the child came back home from school on Wednesday and his parents noticed that he was unusually silent and his face appeared swollen. When they got in touch with some of the classmates who live in the same locality, they informed them about what happened in class.

The parents went to the school and complained to the principal, who then checked the CCTV footage which clearly showed the teacher, Retika V John, ruthlessly slapping and dragging the child. The principal assured the parents of the child that the teacher would be terminated.

Following the complaint, an FIR was registered against the teacher for voluntarily causing hurt.

Watch here:

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