Class 7 student, brutally beaten by seniors, jaw broken, authorities take no action

In the absence of anti-ragging laws in schools, the phenomenon of bullying at schools, has become dangerous for many. Numerous incidents are being reported about bullying in schools. But, more often than not, boys are let off with just a warning or a suspension. Schools only try to hide their face and get away from their responsibility rather than ensuring a safe environment at the campus for their students.

In a horrifying incident which took place in Tezpur, Assam, a 13-year-old boy, Namish Ganeriwal was brutally beaten by his seniors at the school. The assault was so monstrous, that Namish’s jaw has been badly injured. He was admitted to Nemcare Hospital in Bhangagarh and has undergone a Jaw Surgery on July 12. Apparently, the child won’t be able to speak or chew food for the next one month. Moreover, his full treatment might take more than a year or so.

On July 6, at the Assam Valley School in Tezpur,  Namish was allegedly assaulted by his seniors. The boys reportedly treated Namish as a lifeless model to show off their WWF stunts, as a result of which the poor kid has been severally hurt.

What’s even more awful is the fact that instead of taking up the responsibility of the entire episode and making sure that the culprits do not repeat anything like that ever again, the school tried to brush off the charges by terming it as ‘ a game that went out of hand’.

Sonya Mehta, (HOS) of Assam Valley School posted this message on a Whatsapp group of AVS parents.

“This is to inform you that a child got injured in the school while playing with another boy on 6 July 2017. It was a game that went completely out of hand. Strict disciplinary action as per school rules has been taken against the child who hurt his friend. It is not a case of bullying as both boys are old students of the school. The hurt child is in class 7 and the other boy is in class 8.

I am in touch with the injured boy’s parents and extend all support to them.”

The parents of the child, who live in Guwahati, revealed the name of the culprits to the school authorities. But, their response was outrageous. They reportedly said:  “What do you want, we will rusticate the whole school for your child?”

Munmun Ganeriwal, the tormented aunt of the child posted a heartfelt message on Facebook, urging people to raise their voice against the situation that her poor nephew is in, and the cold-hearted attitude of the school towards the victim.

It’s high time Bullying in schools get noticed and that proper steps are taken to eradicate this practice. It has far reaching implications on innocent minds since the victims of school bullying are often very young. However, it cannot be eradicated by a Supreme Court verdict or a Presidential decree. It will require active cooperation from schools as well. Instead of them playing defensive and trying to hide their role in it, schools must take serious actions against ragging and bullying.  We strongly urge the Assam Valley school to take stringent actions against the accused students. If not, then the concerned authorities must look into the matter and ensure that the future of our country, don’t spend their lives in hospitals.

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