CPI(M) threatened to kill my father for joining BJP: Daughter expressed apprehension on Facebook

Image: India.com

An XI class student posted a video on Facebook placing allegations against the CPM workers, who apparently threatened to kill her father. This was something she could think of to let off the steam of emotional trauma that accumulated ever since her father was terrorized.

Ashwini, daughter of a local BJP leader in Kasaragod district of Kerala told in her video that her father Sukumaran recently joined BJP in the presence of the state President Kummanam Rajasekharan.

This video of Ashwini has gone viral on the Facebook, making millions of people aware of the kind of fear she and her family is facing.

“Local CPM leaders did not like my father joining the BJP as this area is known to be a stronghold of the Communists,” she said in the video.

“Day before yesterday, me and my father were returning from my school in Karinthalam when five CPM workers threatened him for joining the BJP. They said that they will not let him live and that they will kill him in the town itself. They boasted that they are not scared of anyone, especially the police,” Ashwini added.

What will be your last resort when someone openly threatens to kill any member of your family, disparaging the authority and police. When you know the goons are not afraid of police or any other state authority, where will you go. She decided to make it a grave issue, which this definitely is.

Not only did she described how it all started but also bravely mentioned the names of the CPM workers involved in this matter.

“To go to school, I have to walk to Karinthalam for 20 minutes. Now, my father is accompanying me. Yesterday, we had to take an alternative route because they were waiting for us. Since they said that they are not scared of the police, I don’t know if going to the police will help. I am going through emotional trauma. There has to be a solution to this,” she said.

While in the video she continuously mentioned about the pain and fear she was facing, CPM workers have declared her video as a part of publicity stunt and a ‘bid to make news.’ They not only declared all the allegations as baseless but also exculpated themselves by remarking on the behaviour of the girl’s father.

“This guy (Sukumaran) was never associated with our party so there is no reason to threaten him. He used to be a member of the CPI, then crossed over into Congress. We heard he was also a part of a rationalist group and then became a Naxal. Now, he has joined the BJP. Every election, he changes parties,” TK Ravi, CPM area secretary, told The Indian Express.

CPM area secretary also mentioned that after enquiring he did not find any such event that had occurred. He stated that since a complaint has been filed against the party he will fight legally.

In India where every day a weak is threatened by the powerful, this case is no different from the lot. What makes this issue an exception is a way the girl decided to reach out to people for help when she lost faith in the police. Social media has helped lots of people to get requisite help and shows the misery which people face in their lives which usually goes unnoticed.

We at ‘The Voice Raiser‘ wanted to bring this issue to light as people at powerful posts especially politicians and bureaucrats have been found in many cases suppressing and disregarding the common people. So, it is important for them to know that no longer they exercise their power arbitrarily.

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