Delhi journalist booked for raping former colleague

In our country, women and girls continue to be physically, sexually and psychologically abused since time immemorial. They are often treated as objects of sexual desires and fall victims to the society’s evils, every single day. An incident that took place in Delhi last week, bears the testimony of this statement and reminds us that the national capital is also popularly known as the “rape capital of India”, for a reason.

A journalist has filed a complaint with the Delhi Police, accusing her former colleague of raping her in a hotel room in central Delhi.

She approached the police with a complaint on Friday, November 17, after which the accused man was booked for rape.

According to a report on Hindustan Times: “The woman told the police that she has known the accused since 2015 and he had allegedly sexually assaulted her several times in the past.

In her complaint, she further alleged that the man had even promised to marry her but she later learnt that he was going to get married to another woman next month.”

Last week, the accused told her that he was unhappy with his forthcoming marriage and asked her to meet him in a hotel room, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her again.

The police have registered a case and arrested the accused from his house in Ghaziabad and are interrogating him.

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