My Voice: This guy masturbated at me and Delhi Metro did nothing – Grace Cyril

It’s a man’s world as it always has been. Even with each step we take as women to be independent and safe, I feel it ends as soon as we leave our home. This post has taken me a good 2 hours to decide whether to put it up or not. Because I have been sexually harassed today (28/11/2016) and in the worst way possible that the incident is sure to be imprinted on my memory forever.

It had been a normal day at college and after finishing my classes, by around 4 pm I was at the Race course metro station. I walked up towards the extreme end of the women’s coach of Samaypur Badali and sat down. There weren’t many people there and it was a bit quiet. I turned my head right to see a guy standing and staring at me in the most vulgar manner. I decided to ignore him, but after a second something struck me and I looked back at him. I experienced the grossest thing ever in my life then.

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That guy had his penis out of his pants and he was shaking that at me. After a while he started masturbating and whenever anyone would come, he would hide his “thing” behind his bag. He literally had his whole penis out without shame while he was giving me the vulgar looks. I decided to stay and immediately called the metro women’s helpline and told them about my problem. They asked me to stay wherever I am as they are sending someone to me. I waited for a good 15 minutes and still no one came…all the while I was bearing this.

However, after 15 minutes the guy boarded the metro towards Samaypur Badali and went away smiling seductively at me. I was helpless to stop him so I called up the Metro helpline again and told them that the guy has gone but I still want him caught. The person over the phone ‘very casually’ replied that they can’t do anything now with the guy gone, but still they are sending someone to me. Instead of going home and studying for my exams, I waited, but trust me people, I still have not got a single call from them even to ask if I am safe or not.

We as women are often reduced to the value of a commodity and our bodies become our biggest enemies due to perverts like these. From ignoring the vulgarity in the looks of men staring at us like hawks in the metro to trying to protect our chest from their very intentional touch, we face it everyday. “But we ignore!” I am not generalizing men, it’s just that some perverts still exist and they should be harassed the same way they harass us.

After this incident I want to raise my voice and hope if something could help catch him because, like me, he would have another victim soon. The look he had said it all and I am sure another innocent has already been one of the girls he exploited. I have written this post with much frustration and anger swelled up within me, but let’s not let it happen to anyone else.

We, TVR, demand the Delhi Metro to look into the matter seriously. This incident happened in Delhi Metro in the women’s coach at Race Course metro station, at around 4pm on 28 Nov 2016. A simple investigation of relevant CCTV footage can help in identifying the guy.

Submitted By – Grace Cyril

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  1. Very well written! Brought tears to my eyes & traffic to your website.
    BUT… Surprise! Surprise!! DMRC Metros have CCTV cameras installed.

    Now, ask her to file a Criminal FIR u/s 292, 293, 294 & 354.
    Then, approach DMRC with an original/copy of the receipt of it.
    Then, DMRC will give you a copy of the CCTV footage for the day.
    Then, take legal recourse to send him behind bars for seven years.
    If you have the intention, you can make examples out of such guys.

    But the million dollar question is… WILL YOUR HEROINE DO THAT?

  2. Disgraceful and disgusting.
    Sister instead of waiting for the cops you should do courage to gather some female colleagues and teach a lesson to that boy publicly and of course some good men around would have supported you.
    Be out of comfort zone in such scenario and teach lesson to these morons. In fact at least people like me will surely help you in this.
    Be safe and be brave as well like always

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