Disappointed for giving birth to a girl child, Andhra techie tried to electrocute his wife

Source: Times Now

A software engineer from Andhra Pradesh made a horrifying attempt to kill his wife by giving her electric shock. Reportedly, the techie named S Rajaratnam tortured her wife Prashanti for days after she recently gave birth to a girl child.

The couple has a two-year-old son and on 28 January a baby girl was born following which he started harassing her for dowry.

According to the report of The New Indian Express, the man tried to put a bare electric wire around her hand while she was sleeping but she, fortunately, perceived the moments going around her and raised an alarm thus saving her life. Incensed by her, he abused her and left the home.

Next day, she immediately filed a complaint against him with the Penamaluru police in Krishna district.

Police have reported that the couple used to fight over trivial issues and were facing troubles in their relationship since past two years. Birth of girl exaggerated the aggressiveness of his behaviour. A case has been booked against him under section 498A and both Rajaratnam and his parents have been arrested.

In the complaint, Prashanti’s parents wrote, “There are several injury marks on her face, neck and hands. Since the birth of the baby girl, Rajaratnam has been harassing her physically and mentally, demanding money.”

Well! This is not the first of the incident that had happened in India. In a similar case, a woman was set ablaze by her mother-in-law(Lakshmi) after an astrologer predicted for the birth of a baby girl. The victim Girija already had a girl child and after the astrologer’s prediction, Lakshmi dipped her into kerosene oil and set her to fire. This happened in 2016 but she was saved with minor injuries.

“Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao” has just become a cliché for expressing concern for India’s skewed child sex ratio. And when incidents like this happen among the educated section of the society it seems even education cannot break the parochial outlook of the people.

“Though the overall sex ratio of the country is showing a trend of improvement, the child sex ratio is showing a declining trend, which is a matter of concern,” said the study “Children in India 2012- A Statistical Appraisal” conducted by the Central Statistical Organisation.

According to the report, female child population in the age group of 0-6 years was 78.83 million in 2001 which declined to 75.84 million in 2011.

This implies that we have 3 million girls less than we had in 2001. This number is huge and heartbreaking. Continuance and compliance of purist thoughts is the major reason for such biased count of sex-ratio.

Although the government has implemented effective laws and punishment many of these cases go unregistered. Apart from stringent rules, awareness programs must be conducted by the government to make people realise about the importance of girls.

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