Video: Doctor slaps woman to free her from the evil spirits

A doctor is considered to be very close to of God. He is nothing less than a ‘messiah’ to a patient for giving him/her new life altogether. Probably, that is why, they are worshiped as Gods. But what if doctors resort to unethical and illogical practices to cure a patient? This is what happened in Rajasthan when a doctor discovered a new, absurd way of treating a patient who was psychologically ill. The doctor reportedly slapped a female patient repeatedly to cure her off the evil spirits and bring her back to consciousness.

The woman’s family members admitted her to a hospital in Rajasthan’s Barmer district over the superstition that she was possessed by evil spirits. They also claimed that the ‘evil spirit’ chopped her hair while she was asleep. Instead of opting for a medical solution, Dr Surendra Bahri allegedly slapped the woman repeatedly. Joss sticks (‘Agarbatti’) were also lightened around the patient to create a holy environment.

Somebody shot a video of the same and shared it on the social media. It was only then that the hospital authorities came to know about the matter and ordered a probe into it.

“When the matter came into our notice, a three-member committee was set up to inquire the incident. The report will be forwarded to the directorate of medical and health in Jaipur,” Hemraj, Superintendent of the district hospital, said.

However, the family members of the patient refused to file any formal complaint against the doctor and the woman was later discharged.

While talking to a regional newspaper, the accused doctor allegedly said that even he started feeling dizzy after treating the woman possessed by evil spirits.

It’s a common practice in many rural areas of Rajasthan to get the patient treated by the ‘excorcists’, who generally go for different ways of physical abuse to free the patient off the evil spirit. However, this is a first of its kind case in which a doctor resorted to such a bizarre way of treatment.

Watch the video here:

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