Domestic help arrested for murder; Dreams of Audi and a luxurious life led to the crime

22-year-old Roshan, who also goes by the name Balaram, was arrested by the Delhi Police on Tuesday for Murdering, Sarita Jain, a 53-year old woman and stealing jewellery and cash worth Rs 23 Lakh from her home.

A native of Gonda in Uttar Pradesh, Roshan sold momos at a roadside stall in Noida. He dreamt of a luxurious life and wanted to own a black Audi one day. However, his obsession over the luxurious life and a lavish car drove him towards the world of crime. He came to Delhi last month with the intention to make some quick money.

Roshan took up a job as a domestic help at one of the homes in the Amar Colony. On Tuesday moorning, when the woman’s husband and son were not home, with the help of his 3 associates, Roshan conducted the murder and robbery. First, he let the three men into the house and tied the old domestic help. When the woman tried to scream for hep, they killed her and fled with cash and jewellery worth Rs. 23 Lakh.

It was only when the woman’s husband returned in the evening that he got to know about the incident. When no one opened the door, he used a duplicate key to enter the house. As soon as he entered the house, he saw one his old domestic helps, injured and tied to a chair while his wife was lying dead.

Roshan had not been verified by the police before they hired him.

DCP South East Romil, Baniya said that investigations were on and Roshan and one of his Aides were arrested on Tuesday from Noida’s Atta Market. The DCP said: “He along with his associates was later arrested with the help of Facebook. Roshan, who used the name Balram, was active on social media even after murdering the woman. The accused Roshan was hired without any servant verification. The family members did not have any personal details about him such as contact number, local and present address, photo etc. We request everyone to get their domestic help verified through police. Door safety chain and CCTV cameras should be installed where women stay alone.” (As reported by Hindustan Times)

The search operation is still on, to hunt the other three, alleged to have been involved in the crime. Roshan confessed to the Police that he had committed this crime out of his love for Audi.

Featured image: Hindustan Times

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