For Snapchat, this boy was slapped so hard that his eardrum got damaged

A video has transpired in which a student of Pathways School, Noida is seen slapping another fellow student over a Snapchat story. The episode reportedly took place on the 4th of September within the premises of the school.


In the video, we observe the fact that one student is recording the incident on the phone while others are seen surrounding the duo, but they did not take any measure to prevent it from happening. The victim is seen in a considerable amount of discomfort and he is seen covering his face with his hand after the incident. Further, he has ended up in damaging his eardrum as a result of the pain inflicted on him.

It is only but obvious, that the victim has undergone a tremendous amount of physical as well as mental agony as a result of this incident. Her mother was of the same opinion as she complained to the school management stating this and she also criticized the school authorities for not providing her son with the adequate amount of medical attention.

The doctor’s prescription shows that the victim has damaged his eardrum:

It is essential for people to understand that if someone is being bullied, it takes an intense toll on his/her mental well-being. This must be inculcated among school children because it happens the most when one is in the adolescent phase. Schools must take notice of this and they need to inculcate stricter rules in order to prevent such instances from happening.

Spreading awareness regarding this is not where our job ends. Keeping a tab about bullying and taking adequate measures from stopping it from happening is where the greater task lies. If we want our children to have a safe and sound future it is very necessary to understand his/her mental state of affairs.

What happened in Pathways School is a very disappointing, to say the least. The school must take immediate steps to adequately punish the students who are involved in this. It should send out a strong message so that incidents like, these are not repeated again.

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