Former BJP Secretary’s daughter assaults girl; threatens to beat again if complains

Pavitra Lalji, a girl from Bhopal has accused the daughter of a former Madhya Pradesh BJP Legislative Assembly’s Secretary, Satyanarayan Sharma’s daughter, Shruti Sharma of assaulting her, abusing her family, and threatening to beat her again if she complains. Victim has also alleged that her family is getting pressure from police and other officials to withdraw the complaint.

According to the victim, on Nov 15th, Shruti called her and Rajat Singh Rajput (a common friend) to meet in order to discuss some issues. The meeting was followed by a small tiff which made the ‘drunk’ Shruti furious. She along withe her friends then abused and assaulted both Pavitra and Rajat with beer bottles and sticks. Both were injured and Rajat was to be admitted in Sahara Hospital at Vidyanagar.

The matter was however suppressed as victim’s father suggested to let the matter go. However, later on Nov 28th, Shruti again thronged in to Pavitra’s house, and then threatened and abused the entire family citing their low caste. The victim’s family then registered a case with police, but they are now getting continuous pressure from police and other authorities to withdraw the complaint.

Complaint by Pavitra’s mother

A video on Shruti’s Instagram profile, which goes by the handle ‘Atankwaaadi’ shows how she is having fun by bursting crackers on commuters and yelling, “Pagal hu main! Aa jao” (Yes I am mad! come.)

Victims father Prof. Dr. Mukesh Lalji, who works in Sardar Vallabhai Polytechnic College, Bhopal has been asked to withdraw the complaint or else he shall be suspended from work with immediate effect. According to victim, ASI Jagdish Prasad from Habibganj SC/ST Police Station is also now accusing the victim of false statement and forcing him to change the statement.

The victim’s family then contacted Human Rights activist Kundan Srivastava, who then reported the matter through his Facebook profile.

Shruti’s father Former secretary Satyanarayan Sharma involved in fake appointments in the assembly secretariat being produced in a court in Bhopal on 2015. Reported, Hindustan Times.

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