Gurugram: Woman worker in MNC sexually harassed by the top executives

Image: The Huffington Post India

A 44-year old woman who worked as a senior executive member with a top European multinational company alleged that she was sexually harassed in cahoots by MD (Managing Director) and HR (Human Resource) manager of Manesar based Research and Development facility, forcing her to resign.

A resident of Delhi, she served the company for 21 years until she decided to resign on 31st January owing to the torment she was being subjected to.

She had a stint in abroad and then later joined the Indian Arm in 1999. Fortunately, her time spent uninhibited and worked with full dignity. It was in February 2017 when her ordeal started after she was shifted to the Manesar branch. On her complaint, a case has been registered against two men at the women police station in Manesar under section 354 (1) and 34 of IPC. Police have started its investigation and are trying to verify facts.

The lady in her complaint has mentioned that the managing director used to “rub his private parts” when she visited his chamber. “My office was just next to his chamber and he uttered lewd comments. I was shocked things like these were happening in the workplace,” she told the police in her complaint. She also told that after few days administrative manager entered her cabin and harassed her in a similar manner. She has alleged that MD often asked her to go with him on holidays but she refused.

“I quit because I was being sexually harassed and I slipped into trauma due to the incidents. I was not in a mental position, what to do against these people,” she told the police.

Puzzled by the course of events, she initially left the company without telling anyone the reason. But, with the passage of time she recovered and mustered the courage to file a complaint against the depraved people. A probe is on the way although the names of the officials, as well as the company, have not been disclosed by the police.

This is disgusting and boils blood when such things happen to women in the workplace. The pervert mentality of few men force women to leave their jobs, restrains them from fulfilling their dreams and more importantly leaves a mental scar for a lifetime. Gurugram police said a case under section 354 (1) and 34 IPC had been registered against the suspects. “The case was registered on the complaint of the victim and the facts were being verified after which action would be initiated,” Ravinder Kumar, PRO, Gurgram police, said.

It is easy for creeps like them to make lewd comments and harass but they never think about the repercussions faced by a woman. A multitude of cases happen in India where women are groped at offices either by their seniors or colleagues.

The famous case of R. K. Pachauri, the former The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) chief is still going in the Delhi High Court. He was alleged for sexual harassment. Most of the time girls are unable to stand against such acts and end-up leaving their hard-earned jobs. Anti-sexual harassment laws at workplaces have helped many silent voices to quell their agony.

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