Honour killing in National Capital: A 23-year old Ankit Saxena stabbed to death by girlfriend’s family

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A 23-year old man was thrashed down and gruesomely killed when his throat was slitted blatantly on a busy road of Raghubir Nagar of West Delhi.

The boy Ankit Saxena was in an alleged relationship with a Muslim girl Shehzadi (20). Families of both, were not happy with the relationship since it was inter-religious. Girl had told her parents that no more she was involved with him and they never talked to each other. It has been reported that the younger brother of Shehzadi saw a message from Ankit on her phone which refuted her claims. The girl after being confronted from her family left the home. The girl’s aunt, who lives in a neighbouring block in Raghubir Nagar, said “They did love each other, but had parted ways since both the families were against their relationship. She told us she was no longer in touch with Ankit, but her father learnt on Wednesday that she was secretly in touch with the boy”. They contemplated that she would have gone to Ankit’s house .This enraged the entire family and it was in this rage that they decided to confront Ankit.

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Father of the girl along with her uncle and minor brother went to search for him. They assumed that he had abducted her, and took a knife with them which they had in their house since her father was butcher. Someone, informed them that the boy was in the vicinity.

They found him and soon indulged in a violent argument. As told by the eyewitnesses they fusilladed him with questions asking for the whereabouts of Shehzadi. He denied the fact that he knew anything about where Shehzadi was. Also, a CCTV footage has been retrieved showing the boy being invovled in an argument with father and uncle which went on for about half an hour, ultimately resulted in a physical fight. When the situation escalated Ankit parents also arrived at the place and tried to placate the incensed trio by asking them to settle down the issue in the near by police station.

But, they were relentless and aggressively pushed down the boy on the floor. Mother of the boy tried to interfere and stop them from beating her son but she too was smacked. He tried to go for her mother’s rescue and in no less time he was attacked by the knife killing him. They then fled to their relatives home in Rohini.

All three are now in police custody and it comes out to be a matter of honour killing, although accused have claimed that they took such a rigorous step in the heat of the situation and it was unintentional.

The relatives of Shehzadi are facing reprisal from the society where they have also been asked by their landowner to vacate the parlour shop being run by girl’s mother. They are afraid of being labelled as the members of the murder’s family as many have already made derogatory remarks on them. Since, all of the girl’s relatives have refused to take her in and her parents house been shut, she has been produced before Child Welfare Committee (CWC).

With many people and groups trying to give it a communal tinge, as a precautionary measure authority has deployed CRPF, BSF and CISF around the building area of both the families.

Renowned Human Rights activist Kundan Srivastava said on Facebook.

“This incident is being given a communal colour. This is not correct,” said Duggal, Saxena’s cousin. “Our only demand right now is punishment under law to whoever was responsible for the murder. If any help is needed at the moment, it is to ensure that Ankit’s parents are provided a source of income because he was the sole breadwinner.”

The incident is horrifying not only in the sense of it being a murder over a trivial matter but also no one from the crowd came forward to stop the fight. Insensitivity has grown among the Indian masses to an extent that they feel reluctant even if a person is dying. Even in the Nirbhaya case when the naked body of the girl lied for hours no one even bothered to cover her. Lack of empathy and fear of getting involved in police matter are the major deterrents. It is the time for introspection where we need to check the direction of our growth in terms of compassion and humanity.

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