Horrific incident in Kolkata, 3-years-old girl allegedly raped by bus cleaner, arrested

Image: Siasat

Recently, Delhi Commission for women’s chief Swati Maliwal initiated a drive against rape as rape roko demanding strong punishment against rapists of children within six months. The social media praised and supported the rape roko movement. Apart from this, there is much more organization who are working for the same cause but despite several efforts by Government of India and noted Human rights organizations, the cases of rape are not seem to be diminishing at any stance.

In a recent heinous incident, a three-year-old daughter of a rag-picker was lured into a parked luxury bus and was allegedly raped by a bus cleaner on Monday night in Kolkata. The accused bus cleaner Shiekh Munna, 45, had dragged the victim inside the parked bus on Canal (West) Road in north Kolkata on the pretext of giving her a chocolate. Her wretched five-year-old brother kept banging the door of the bus and pleaded him to spare her as she screamed in pain. After waiting for a while, her brother realized the solemnity of the incident and ran to get his mother. The mother of the girl, who is a widowed rag picker, ran with her son toward the bus. The mother of the girl alarmed and alerted the neighbours, who later on thrashed the accused rapist and rescued the girl child. The bleeding girl was then taken to the state-run R G Kar Medical College and Hospital. Her condition is still critical but doctors have said that she will survive. This barbarous rape of a three-year-old has left the city in shock.

“We are waiting for the report of the tests conducted on the girl to confirm rape. We are questioning the accused and our forensic experts have collected samples from the spot where the alleged incident took place,” the senior police officer of Kolkata police said. “The victim’s brother had pleaded with Munna to open the door. The boy continued banging on the bus’s door but there was no result,” he added.

“We found the girl lying in a pool of blood on a bus seat. The child’s clothes were torn and she was bleeding profusely and the accused had blood on his hands and trousers when he was arrested,” according to the senior police officer. Forensic experts have also collected blood samples and stains from the bus which has been seized and Police are questioning the accused. Police are waiting for test reports from the hospital to officially confirm rape.

“She had bled profusely but her condition has improved since last night and possibly she will survive. Signs are clear that she had been brutalized,” senior doctor of R G Kar Hospital informed the police.

Crimes against children have become pervasive in India and the government machinery has failed the victims in most cases. Earlier, this year, an eight-month-old girl was raped by her own cousin brother in Delhi. Chief Justice Deepak Mishra along with the bench of the court had expressed its concern over the incident and asked the central government and the petitioner’s lawyer to file details of pending cases of sexual assault against children across the country.

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