Indigo Airlines staff drags, mishandles a passenger at the Delhi Airport

A video, that was filmed at least three weeks ago at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, showing how the ground staff of Indigo thrashed and manhandled a passenger, went viral on the social media yesterday.

The 81-second-long video that is said to have been filmed by an airline staff shows how the Indigo employee misbehaved with the passenger.

On October 15, the passenger, 53-year-old Rajeev Katiyal allighted from the flight 6E-487 and got into an argument with the ground staff and allegedly abused them, which insinuated a fight. In a TV interview, Katiyal narrated the entire incident. He said that he was standing under the shade of the aeroplane, waiting for the bus to take them to the terminal when a person from the ground staff yelled at him and asked him to move away. To which, Katiyal replied that instead of yelling, they should arrange for the bus.

Taking offence in it, the IndiGo employee rudely replied saying, “Don’t teach us our job.”

It was when the 53-year-old tried to board the bus, that had arrived on the runway, that the IndiGo staff pushed him back and stopped him from entering the bus. When he objected, he was dragged away and manhandled due to which he fell to the ground.

In the video, a member of the IndiGo staff can be clearly heard saying to another staff member:  “Isko rok yahan par, isko yahin sikhaate hai (Stop this man here, let us teach him a lesson).” Not only that, none of the security personnel came forward to rescue Katiyal, who was nearly choked to death in broad daylight.

“I acknowledge the unpleasant experience our passenger went through, while engaging with our staff at the IGI Airport. I had personally spoken to the passenger and asked for an apology. At IndiGo, the dignity of our passengers and staff is of paramount importance. Any act that compromises the dignity of either of us is a concern to us. Under the code of conduct violation, this incident was probed and action was taken against the staff,” IndiGo president Aditya Ghosh said in a statement.

While the employee who assaulted Katiyal has been sacked, the airline staff, who was the whistleblower who shot the incident on his phone, is believed to have been sacked as well.

Watch video here:

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