Injustice: Father of the girl who accused BJP MLA of raping her, dies in police custody

Image: Ommcom News

In a dramatic event, a woman tried to set herself on fire outside the residence of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, alleging that she was raped by BJP Lawmaker and his accomplices. The incident turned out to be much shameful when the father of the victim was arrested on Sunday and later allegedly beaten to death in the police custody on Monday.

Dr. Atul, posted in the district hospital, Unnao, told the media that victim’s father, Surendra Singh was brought with serious abdominal pain and vomiting who later on passed away. Dr. Atul examined the body and confirmed the victim’s father death. “He was admitted to hospital last night by police after he complained of abdominal pain and vomiting. He passed away in early morning hours,” Dr Atul told the media.

The Uttar Pradesh state government head, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath coined the incident unfortunate and announced a magisterial investigation to probe the issue after the alleged rape victim said her father had been murdered in prison. Those who are behind this will not be spared, he added.

The immolation attempt took outside the Golf Club gate of the Chief Minister’s residence on Sunday. The girl was alleging the inaction of UP police in filing the case against the BJP’s MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar. The woman alleged that she was raped in June last year by Kuldeep Singh Sengar, the MLA of Unnao district’s Bangermau constituency, Lucknow with his aides. The father of the victim, Surendra Singh was arrested by UP police late on Sunday and was allegedly beaten mercilessly by four aides of MLA and police as well in the police custody. “He was killed at the behest of the BJP MLA inside the jail,” the woman told reporters on Monday. “We were getting threats and they killed my father”.

Unnao Superintendent of Police Pushpanjali Devi said the two police officers and four constables were suspended and the four aides who took part in the beating have been arrested.

Samajwadi Party leader Juhi Singh accused Yogi Adityanath’s government of inaction which led to Mr. Surendra Singh’s death. “The girl kept requesting for security for the family. But nothing was done. Insensitivity is rampant in this state. This is murder,” she said.

As per the tweet by ANI, the Superintendent of Police Pushpanjali Devi said that two police officers and four constables have been suspended. Four accused of beating the father of the woman are arrested.

However, the BJP’s MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar denied all the allegations and said, “It is a pre-planned incident of the woman and her family to defame me.”  “Since the last two days, conspirators have been trying to make this incident successful. They reached the Chief Minister’s residence and tried to give shape to an incident. I request the administration that the mobile numbers of these people should be taken, and there should be an investigation into who all are part of this conspiracy, and who are the criminals. Whoever is at fault should be punished” he added.

Well know Journalist, Barkha Dutt expressed her anger, “Should a man accused of rape be smiling in this cavalier fashion; the father of the girl died – allegedly in police custody. And yet, look at that smile as he reaches to meet Yogi Adityanath”.

No FIR has still been lodged against the BJP’s MLA and he has been continuously denying the allegations against him. PTI has quoted Sengar as telling reporters outside the CM’s residence that “they belong to a low-status family (‘निम्न स्तर के लोग हैं’)… This is a conspiracy by my opponents”.

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