#Justice4Maa: Medical kidnapping and murder at Bengaluru’s Fortis hospital

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that people see doctors as gods and hospitals as temples that have the magic to save people’s lives. However,now a days, hospitals have become more akin to profit-driven corporates rather than centres meant to provide ethical medical treatment to the sick. One such top-notch corporate hospitals of our country, allegedly medically kidnapped and killed a lady who was admitted to the hospital for a minor surgery.

The hospital in the question is Bengaluru’s Fortis Hospital. The poor son of the deceased lady has revealed their horrific ordeal in a spine-chilling Facebook post. Abhinav Verma has accused the Fortis Bannerghatta Hospital of killing his mother.The facebook post has become viral on the social media with the hashtag #Justice4Maa.

Abhinav’s post states that her mother had a minor stone in her stomach for which she was admitted to the hospital on May 13 after a lot of persistence by Mr. Kanniraj, who is probably a part of the hospital’s marketing team. Yes! You read that right. Now a days these big hospitals have a marketing team who traps clients aka patients in order to fulfill their targets.

Anyways, Verma got her mother admitted to Fortis for the minor stone surgery on 13th May 2017. The concerned doctor suggested to go for ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography), an expensive test, to rule out a 0.05 percent chance of cancer. Like any other person who completely relies on their doctor’s advise, Abhinav’s mother readily underwent the ERCP. However, post ERCP, the woman’s condition deteriorated and all her vital organs- kidney, lungs, liver and heart had been affected. Subsequently, multiple surgeries were performed on her. The noticeable fact here is that the lady never encountered any such problems prior to ERCP. She went through a number of surgeries, apart from the one for which she was admitted to the hospital.

Unfortunately, on 2nd July Abhinav’s mother breathed her last. She was a perfectly healthy woman when she was admitted to the hospital for  a minor gall-bladder surgery on May 13. It was as if the hospital had kidnapped her and took a whopping 43 Lakh ruppees as ransom. They killed her.

Read Abhinav’s Facebook post here wherein he has mentioned the appalling tale of his mother’s medical kidnapping and death at the hands of these corporates, known as hospitals :-

Abhinav is raising his voice for justice for her mother through social media and The Voice Raiser supports him. In fact, we all must support him to the best of our capacity. Today it was Abhinav’s mother, tomorrow it could be anybody from us. It pains our hearts to see his mother’s happy face in that photograph and then the traumatic condition she had been forced into by these corporate criminals.

This is not the first time when hospitals have been found robbing the patient’s already-vulnerable-family, on the pretext of unnecessary tests. Numerous such incidents are reported every now and then, where people are charged a bomb for a minor ailment. Medical negligence has become a rampant issue, today. The Government should not succumb to the influence of these medical bigwigs anymore and take some serious actions against such criminal practices.

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