Know Your Criminal: The Unnao Rape Case

(Source: The Hindu)

Whenever there is a rape case, we talk a lot about the victim, from their name and whereabouts to their past life. However, the real focus should be on the culprit, the criminals who committed the crime. The public should know less about the innocent victims and more about the dangerous criminals who shame humanity through their actions. Today, we would like to talk about the main accused in the Unnao rape case, Kuldeep Singh Senger.

BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Senger may be a new name in the national news, but in Uttar Pradesh politics, he is a known force. After passing Class 12th in 1982, Senger became active in politics. In local political circles, he is called “the turncloak”, because of his habit of frequently changing sides. He was elected as an MLA for the first time in 2002 from BSP and won. In 2007 he switched to SP and won again, this time from Bangarmau seat in Unnao. In 2012, he contested elections on Bhagwant Nagar seat and won again. In 2017, he once again switched parties and joined BJP, and won from his old seat of Bangarmau.

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Kuldeep Singh Senger has only one known case against him, that involved breaking two IPC rules. However, those who have seen him closely, know better. He is what we call a “Bahubali”, a man whose clout runs unquestioned in Unnao. In the entire district, he has an impenetrable vote bank of Thakurs, along with some from other communities. A close friend of Raja Bhaiyya, the Big Bad Wolf of UP politics, Senger has his fingers in a lot of dirty businesses. Sources in Unnao tell us that he is involved in extortion and gets a fixed “cut” whenever someone buys a new property in the district. His people, despite having no particular political allegiance, trump the legal jurisdiction without even a case getting filed.

Even now, when the rape case gained national attention, Senger managed to evade capture for multiple days. Reportedly, he was aided by UP police officers of the region. At the same time, his brother, who is also accused in the rape, was reportedly involved in the death of victim’s father in judicial custody.

So, this is the man who is accused of raping an 18-year old woman last year. Make sure you remember his name, especially if he manages to evade justice and arrive at your home asking for you vote a few years later.

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