Know your Criminals: Kathua Rape Case

A heinous crime that was committed three months back in Kathua district of Jammu & Kashmir took time to catch the eyes of Indian media. But when it did, the news spread like fire in the woods. The brutal rape of an 8-year-old girl in a Temple questioned the soul of every Indian. Whole India is demanding the most painful punishment for the culprits of this gang rape with the innocent little girl who became the victim to some cruel predators. But who are these people who commit such crimes and what is it that makes them do so? In this article, we are trying to find an answer to this question by looking into the lives of the main culprits of this rape.

1. Sanji Ram

The main conspirator behind this ruthless act is a retired revenue official of age 60. He is a resident of Rasand Village in Kathua District and was very agitated by the fact that people of nomadic Muslim Bakerwal community had entered his village. There have been disputes between him and people of Bakerwal community regarding the animals of Bakerwal people who used to enter the fields of Sanji Ram and destroy his crop. But, no one ever thought that Sanji Ram’s hatred towards this Nomadic community will make to commit such a heinous crime. He planned to kidnap, rape and kill 8-year-old girl Asifa in order to scare the people of Bakerwal community to leave his village. He successfully conducted his inhuman offence with help of his nephew. Later, he surrendered himself when police arrested his son Vishal

2. Sanji Ram’s nephew (a minor)

After Sanji Ram, the person who is responsible for this misdeed is his nephew whose name can’t be disclosed due to Juvenile Justice Act of 2000. He is a minor of 15 years of age who was expelled from his school in Hiranagar for misbehaving with girls and that’s why he was sent by his parents to live with his Mama. As per the news reports, he was a drug addict and alcoholic which became the reason why Sanji Ram chose him as the pawn to accomplish his plan. As per the charge sheet, Sanji Ram just gave instructions to his nephew and it is this minor nephew who performed most of the crime from kidnapping the girl to smashing her face with stone to finally kill her. It has also been informed by the police that some people from Bakerwal community had beaten the minor few days back which helped Sanji Ram to provoke him for revenge from the Bakerwal community.

3. Deepak Khajuria

He is a special police officer and the second person with whom Sanji Ram shared his plan. He is also known to have some past issues with the Bakerwal Community which drove him to take part in this crime. Also, Sanji Ram wanted a policeman to be involved in the crime so that he can later bribe other policemen to ignore this case. This idea worked only till the case was handed over to the crime branch.

Deepak Khajuria was also equally responsible for provoking Sanji Ram’s Nephew to kidnap the girl by giving him assurance that he will help him to cheat on his next exams and will make sure he will pass. As per the charge sheet, when the other accused people were about to kill the girl, Deepak reached there and asked them to wait as he also wanted to rape her.

4. Vishal Jagnotra aka Shamma

Vishal is the son of the main accused who studies in Meerut and was called by the minor to satisfy his lust. He also raped the girl along with the minor and was also involved in killing the girl.

5. Parvesh Kumar aka Mannu

Parvesh is the friend of the minor who helped him in kidnapping the girl. As per the charge sheet, most of the time he went to Devisthan (the temple where the girl was kept) along with the minor. He also raped the girl several times along with Vishal and the minor. Finally, he was present there along with Vishal and Sanji Ram when Deepak and minor killed the girl.

The other accused are some police officers who took the bribe in order to divert the case. Tilak Raj (constable) and Anand Dutta (sub-inspector) are main among them.

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