Law student beaten to death in Allahabad, protesters vandalize public property

A shocking story emerged in Allahabad where a guy was beaten to death in broad daylight.

The news first surfaced as a video clip went viral. In this clip, two unknown assailants were shown arriving on a bike carrying a rod. Then, they started assaulting a man in full public view. Few people tried to intervene, but the assailants relentlessly kept beating the man until he was unconscious. The man was later taken to a hospital, where he was declared dead.


The man in the video was 26-year old Dilip Saroj, a law student. The incident reportedly took place on Friday near a restaurant. Upon further investigation, it was found that there was an earlier scruffle between Saroj and another group of men. The main accused, Vijay Shankar Singh, got into a spat with Saroj after the latter accidentally pushed him in the restaurant. Soon the spat turned into a brawl, as was later confirmed through a CCTV footage.

Sometime later, two men arrived on a bike and started assaulting Saroj. They sued iron rods, broken pipes and even bricks. The hotel owner tried to intervene but was pushed away. Later, the hotel owner carried Saroj on his bike to the hospital, where he was declared dead on Saturday morning.

The first person to be arrested was the waiter, Munna Chauhan. Interestingly, though Chauhan was seen assaulting Saroj in the video, he also helped to carry him to the hospital. Upon inquiry, he revealed that he was caught in the scuffle while returning to the hotel, and he accidentally hit Saroj in anger.

The main accused, Vijay Shanker Singh, is currently on the run. He works in the Indian Railways and is reportedly a resident of Varanasi.

The matter escalated when a group of law students took on the roads in protest of the death and vandalized public property. They also set a bus on fire. Police was on high alert to control any possibility of riots.

Upon immediate investigation, two policemen were suspended for failing to arrive when the assault was taking place, though their patrol cars were nearby. However, the person who shot the video is still unidentified. The other person involved in the assault is also not identified as of now.

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