Malayalam actress Bhavana kidnapped and abused by a bunch of men including her former driver

We come across shameful incidents of woman abuse every now and then. Newspapers are filled with headlines of gruesome rapes and molestation incidents. Traveling via cabs is no less than a ride out to storm. The upbringing of a girl child is seen as a burden. We see every other man as a pervert and even blood relations are not to be trusted. Even celebrities are not spared out of these.

In another such incident Malayalam movie star Bhavana was kidnapped and molested by a group of men when she was returning home from a shoot in Ernakulam district in Kerala.

The said event happened on Saturday when few men blocked and stopped Bhavana’s car near Athani in Angamaly. The actress was then reportedly molested and roughly abused in a moving car till they reached Palarivattom. The accused then left the car at Palarivattom. The mob is said to then leave the scene in another car.

According to the actress, Bhavana her former driver, Martin, was also amongst the molesters. The police taking swift action have taken the ex driver into custody while another accuse Sunil, who also worked for the actress as a driver, is absconding.

Not only the pack molested Bhavana but they also shoot the video of this ghastly incident. They also threatened the actress to make the video live if she complained to police. The police have registered a case of kidnapping and molestation against the said culprits.

This incident yet again had posed serious threat to security and safety of woman in our country.


According to recent reports, two more accused who were accomplice in Bhavana’s abduction and molestation have been arrested in Coimbatore. Some other people from the industry have also come forward and shared similar nightmarish experiences like the one encumbered by Bhavana. Veteran Kerela producer Suresh Kumar who also happens to be the husband of former actress Maneka mentioned how her wife was stalked by ‘Sunil’, a driver. But thankfully nothing unfortunate happened. People from the film industry are said to be shocked and perplexed by the incident. Malayalam superstar ‘Prithviraj Sukumaran‘ has penned down an open letter on Facebook regarding the molestation of the actress.

The actor like many others including the celebrities and common people is said to be disturbed about the news.

Here is what he wrote:

Woke up today morning to the horrifying news that has by now been reported, misreported and sensationalised. As disturbing as it was, I refrained from saying something on what happened to one of the most beautiful girls I know because I knew whatever I or any one among our fraternity say, will only be fodder to click baits and TRP mongering. By now, all that can be said about the security of women in our “matriarchal/matrilineal” God’s own country has already been said. And a man who has to share the responsibility of a society that bears this shame, I hang my head! But please..the most we can collectively do at this to respect the guts of this girl. I was supposed to start work with her in a week, and she told me that she’d like not to come back in front of the camera so soon..and so is pulling out of the film. I know this girl..I know how brave she is…if it’s affected her enough to make her stay away from what she loves the most..I can only imagine how harrowing it must have been. Yes..please let us have an effective investigation in place and please let’s bring the bastards to justice asap..but please..let us also not allow celebrate someone else’s misfortune. WITH YOU BHAVANA…will look forward to hanging with you as soon as you’re up to it..and who you are..and don’t let today dictate the rest of your life. Love always..Prithvi.
PS: Please spare me the “English Medium” jokes on this one. Thanks.

National Commission for Women summoned Kerala Police chief Loknath Behra on Monday over the kidnap and assault of the actor.

Meanwhile support has been pouring in for Bhavana from all the film fraternity. Many celebrities have spoken up openly about the traumatic incident.

“I was hesitant to speak out about this incident yesterday out of respect for the victim of this travesty. It’s something that sickens and frightens my core. I take great pride in our state and how safe our society is. And yesterday that shattered.” -Actor Dulquer Salmaan (Son of superstar Mammootty).

“Anybody going to do anything about the safety of women in this country?Each & everyone of us has to take this attack personally. Heartbroken.” -Shraddha Kapoor.

“With you Bhavana throughout. So disturbed with this but you will rise and we will make sure those responsible for it fall.” -Genelia Ritesh Deshmukh.

We here at The Voice Raiser are deeply appalled by this despicable incident. Our focus has always been on woman upliftment but such incidents put our head to shame. Initially such occurrences were very few but now they have become every now and then affair. Our mornings start with headlines involving news of woman molestation. Being a woman is becoming tougher day by day. How woman will to survive under such circumstances? We as a society need to take responsibility for the same. Members of a civil society are taking pleasure in being a silent spectator of all these mishappenings so that we don’t land ourselves in a coup.

This is not humanity and if such mishappenings keep on taking place then we should stop ourselves calling human. The day won’t be far when woman species will even fear to step out of their home.

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Martin Luther King Jr. has said,

“The Ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but silence over that by the good people.”

And exactly this is what is Happening. No society can progress with such wrongdoings happening every now and then. Today it is an actress who got indecorously molested, Tomorrow it could be anybody out of us. We would strongly urge the members of this society to take matters in their hands and come forward whenever you encounter such excruciating violation of basic human rights of woman and stand up to them. Remember ‘Right’ has always more weightage than ‘Wrong’.


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  1. Even as I fully acknowledge that a dastardly and openly defiant act of such despicable magnitude has been committed I have also to acknowledge that this is not the first time and will not be the last time. The supportive outburst from the rest of the film industry is certainly very heartening however it would have been even more effective and probably may have prevented today’s incident against Bhavana had such outbursts occurred when Nirbhaya was raped and murdered. Numerous such incidents have occurred before and after. In today’s society the girl child/ young woman is merely an object for men of all ages. Dressed in next nothing , always made up and dancing seductively to tunes which do not have a need for such exhibitionism that is the position and image that women are given.
    We see it in many of TV shows today and in the celluloid screen
    If today’s males are truly to eradicating this scourge I would start there. I would not encourage shows that are demeaning to women. I would showcase the many acting, singing, musical talents of our beautiful girl children. Treat with dignity, love and respect every girl child. This is my tearful and heart felt request

  2. and what stops to have a capital punishment ?? do we need more or wait till the next is Me !! Justice shouldn’t be denied to anyone be it a celeb or a normal person or someone whose existence is barely noted.. if being democratic no more leaves being safe then y should it even exist ??

  3. Why are all those who are involved being given life term death or hang them . Let the punishment become harsh and no political influence or medical reports stating the mental dis order which is a chance of escapism. Please deny bails for these idiots… we women would like to see them hang in front of the women who is victim and we would like to see him hung with our eyes. Mr President, we request you to address the issue of the women of this country. Because we would like to live in a fearless society and would like to live our life like men. Request to take a strict action where there is no escapism for the culprit. ONLY IF PUNISHMENT GET HARSH THE CULPRITS AND POLITICIANS WILL STOP. Mostly Kundaism is what politicians pratcec rather than education and well being. Ih human and no consideration for common people. Is that India deserves? Please act on Kundaism and rapist & kunda politicians… WE WOMEN WANT TO LIVE IN SAFE AND FEARLESS INIDA. PLEASE ALLOW TO LIVE…

  4. Humiliate them and disown them from this world. When they have no income and die of poverty, no man will even think of doing such a crime in the future.

  5. In India every 30 min 1 Girl is being kidnapped and raped. To stop this Government should take sever action like how other countries do, these kind of people should be hanged in front of public so the next men should get scared to do such things, No partiality for any rich guy or a poor guy everyone should be punished equally until government take right action our country is not gonna be good at all sorry to say this our country itself is ashamed because of guys, I would request the Governor to take immediate action on this.

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