Man fled after beheading his wife in Hazaribagh, daughter informed the police

A head clerk Vinod Pathak, with Central Mine Planning and Design Institute (CMPDI) in Hazaribagh, is missing after being alleged for murdering and beheading his wife. He kept the dead body inside the bed box.

He used to live with his wife Anu Pathak and three daughters Kirti (16), Vani (13), Vansh (11) in the Jai Prabha Nagar locality.

This horrific incident came to light when Kirti on 30th January called the police informing them that something bad had happened to her mother.

On the night of 29th January, the couple had an altercation due to which Kirti left home in disgust and went to relative’s house nearby. Other two children slept by that time as told by the police.

She was oblivious to what happened next.

Next morning, when she came back and asked for her mother, Vinod told her that her mother had left for relative’s place. After this Vinod went to police station for filing the missing report of her wife. Kirti had apprehensions regarding what happened last night and thus she decided to inform the police.

“As Vinod Pathak was getting the complaint lodged about his wife Anu Pathak at Badee Bazar police outpost under Sadar police station area, the police got a call from his daughter saying that something had happened in the house and that her father may be responsible for it. The accused was taken to the house and when the bed box was checked, the body of his wife was found. Realising that he would be arrested, he fled,” said a police officer.

The reason for this murder has not been ascertained yet, but the police are speculating that this could be the case of an extra-marital affair. The culprit is missing and is surviving among us.

‘The Voice Raiser’ is taking an initiative to get the accused behind the bars as early as possible. It is dangerous if a person with such a criminal mind is allowed to stay outside. Therefore, if anyone gets to know about him, you can contact us and we will forward your precious information to the responsible authorities.

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