Man murdered by railway police for filming extortion

In a really shocking incident that has come to the forefront, a 22-year old engineer named Rahul Singh  was thrown out of a moving train, by a Railway Protection Force (RPF) Squad, on August 24, which resulted in his death.

Singh was travelling from Delhi to his home town of Mukhari in Bihar on Chambal Express, when at Jhansi railway station, a group of RPF constables got on the train and started extorting from people.  Rahul, for the sake of proof, started filming the incident on his phone, which came into the eyes of the officials who got offended.

According to an eyewitness, Kuldeep Sharma, who is an advocate in Allahbad, Singh was brutally beaten up and was forced to lick the spit of the officials. Kuldeep even tried to rescue Singh, but was threatened by the Police officials.

After snatching his gold chain, bracelet and mobile phone, they threw him out of the moving train where he died. He was rushed to a local hospital where he was declared brought dead. The Police allegedly tailored some things to make it look like a suicide.

Soon Kuldeep sharma reached mahoba GRP (Government Railway Police) to lodge an FIR against the officials. However, he was outrightly denied. He later tweeted the whole incident to Railway minister Suresh Prabhu, who intervened into the incident after which an FIR was registered the next day in Allahabad GRP.

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