Max Healthcare suspends two doctors for falsely declaring kid dead

(Source: The Hindu)

The recent scandal at Max Healthcare Delhi reached an interesting point when the two doctors involved in pronouncing a living baby as dead, were terminated from the hospital. The hospital authorities reached this decision after a meeting earlier today.

On 30 November, twins were born prematurely after only 23 weeks of gestation period in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi. After the delivery, the doctors declared both twins (girl and boy) to be dead. However, on their way to cremation, the family was shocked to see the boy alive.


(For representational purposes only. Source: CBS New York)


Naturally, this caused a huge uproar and hinted at a grievous lapse of care. On 1 December, the hospital authorities ordered a probe into the matter to decide who was at fault. Two members of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) were also included in the discussion.

Today, the hospital made a public statement that two doctors, Dr. A.P. Mehta and Dr. Vishal Gupta, had their services terminated. According to the authorities, this decision was both well-informed from their discussions, as well as an attempt to set higher standards for every other doctor.

The statement further added:
“We wish to clarify that this action should not presuppose finding of any lapse by the expert group and should not be construed in anyway to be anything other than an expression of our continued commitment to providing quality healthcare.”

(Source: Practo)

The surviving boy is under the critical care and kept in an incubator. It must be noted that despite showing a severe lapse of good judgment, the hospital is still charging the parents full amount for the treatment of the boy.

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