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Minakshi Baisa was married to Siddharth Singh Rathore of Dehgam, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat in March 2014. More than 2.5 years later, on Dec 3rd, 2016, she was found dead. Police and media is reporting it as a suicide, but her family and a video showing bruises on leg, tells a different story i.e. Minakshi was killed for dowry and also because she delivered a baby girl and not a baby boy. Minakshi was mother of a 5-months old baby girl ‘Anaya’.

According to a Facebook post by her brother, her husband Siddharth called and informed the family that Minakhsi was found dead on 7:00 PM last evening. However, when her brother, Shri Krishna Singh, claimed that she talked with her sister at 7:45 AM next morning, he changed his statement. Minakshi’s brother has alleged that it was a pre-planned murder.

Image: Facebook/Justice For Minakshi

“My sister was brutally murdered by her in-laws and husband for delivering a baby girl and dowry”, Singh said to TVR.

According to Singh, they paid Rs 25 lakh along with a golden ornaments at the time of marriage. Also they arranged the marriage in an expensive hotel. They had to sell their land in order to bear these expenses, but they were fine considering this all is going to give her sister a happily married life.

Siddharth Singh Rathor: Minakshi's Husband
Siddharth Singh Rathore: Minakshi’s Husband

However, soon after the marriage, Minakshi became a subject of continuous torture and harassment. She was not allowed to meet a lot of people, and her social accounts were discontinued.

An evening before her death, Siddharth’s younger brother and sister came to take her to in-laws home. Minakshi was happy as the in-laws were not talking to her after she had delivered a baby girl. Little did she know that the fate had something else for her.

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