Mother-daughter jump off running train to escape rape, accused allegedly bribed Police

Every day we see women succeeding, assume that women are empowered now, pat our back, and move on with our lives. Yet, what we fail to see are those women who fall victim to the monsters of this society, every single day. Something similar happened to an unfortunate woman and her daughter on a train.

An unnamed 40-year woman was travelling with her 15-year old daughter on the Howrah-Jodhpur Express, on Saturday, 11th November. The women were travelling in the unreserved coach, from Kolkata to Delhi.  However, little did they know what horror awaited them.

Reportedly, a group of men started teasing her daughter as soon as the train took off from Howrah. After they began groping her, the mother was forced to contact the Railway Protection Force (RPF) on the train. At the Allahabad station, the constables accompanied the women and caught three of those goons while slapping them.

It would have been a sigh of relief for the mother-daughter, if not for the return of those men (possibly after bribing the cops). The nabbing didn’t go down well with them, after which they became more aggressive, repeatedly making threats to kidnap and sell the girl. Around ten at night, when the girl was going to the washroom, a couple of those guys pounced on her and tried to tear her clothes. The mother rushed to her daughter and struggled to save her. Facing a losing battle, she did the unthinkable: jumped off the running train.

The women jumped between the Chandari and Central station in Kanpur, where they became unconscious from the fall. Gaining consciousness after some two hours, the bleeding women were spotted by people and rushed to Lala Lajpat Lai hospital.

Government Railway Police (GRP) noticed this incident only a day later when Ram Mohan Rai, SHO, GRP Kanpur told Hindustan Times“We are in the process of registering an FIR on the complaint.”

However, the North Central Railway appears to be in a hurry to keep themselves away from this unfortunate incident. Even though the incident took place near Kanpur, Gaurav Bansal (Chief Pro, NCR) said that the case belongs to Howrah region and thus, outside their jurisdiction.

The woman and her daughter are currently waiting for the husband, after which they would decide to file an FIR.

It seems that it would be yet another case where the plights of the victims would bury under the blame-game of the bureaucracy.

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