New revelations in Ryan murder case hint bus conductor might not be the real murderer

The atrocious murder of seven-year-old Pradhuman Thakur inside a Ryan International School toilet on Friday morning created a huge uproar across the country. Thousands protested outside the school campus, demanding that the school authorities be penalised for their laxity.

The murder raised several questions on the security management of the school, like: How can the school allow a bus conductor and students to use the same toilet? Why were there not enough CCTV cameras to monitor the movement in the school corridors? Why does the school not conduct any Police verification/background checks of its teaching and non-teaching staff? How could the conductor carry a knife inside the school premises?

These questions not only point out that there were severe security lapses on the institution’s part, but also draw a lot of suspicion towards the authorities.

Are the school authorities trying to hide something? Are they trying to fabricate the truth?

Why did Ashok Kumar (the bus conductor), confess to attempting sexual assault on the kid and murdering him when he was the one who carried Pradhuman to the Principal’s car to be taken to the hospital, earlier? It doesn’t add up to the story.

Saurabh Raghav,  the driver of the same bus in which the accused was a conductor, was interrogated by the Police officers. In an interview with Mail Today, he said: “Kumar was looking calm with no sign of anxiety or fear on his face despite blood stains all over his body. He told me that he was at the corridor where Pradhuman collapsed. There were teachers, students, and the principal present on the spot but no one even took Pradhuman into his arms, instead forced Kumar to carry Pradhuman to the car. He had put Pradhuman on the rear seat of the car and teachers took him to hospital.”

He also added that Kumar spent around seven to eight minutes with him and then went to refuel CNG in the bus. How can someone who just executed a murder be so calm and collected just minutes after the crime?

Image: Bus Conductor (Ashok Kumar)

Not only that, two days after the murder, the driver, Saurabh Raghav claimed that he was being forced by the top officials of Ryan International and Police officers to admit that the knife used in the crime, was part of the bus toolkit.

“Since I am the driver of the bus in which Ashok Kumar was a conductor, I was interrogated by police officers and top officials of the school. They forced me to admit that the weapon of crime (knife) was part of the bus toolkit. They detained me till 1.30am on Saturday and tried every possible way to terrorize me. Since the knife was not part of the toolkit, I categorically denied it,” Raghav told Mail today.

Even the victim’s father, Varun Thakur, is not satisfied with the conductor’s confession and the Police’s theory. He said: “The distance between the gate and the main building was 500 meter, which takes three to four minutes. I dropped my two kids at 7.55am. It means Praduman reached the toilet around 8 am and the school authority informed him at 8.10am that he was bleeding.”

Mr. Thakur added: “The entire sequence of event spans in just 10 minutes and therefore it is hard to believe that a conductor having a knife was waiting inside the toilet to kill my son. There must be something that happened in the past or may be a pre-planned murder.”

Moreover, to add to the suspicion that the truth is being compromised, the post mortem report of Pradhuman Thakur says that there was no sexual assault. Then, why did the conductor confess to it? (As reported by News18)

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed to probe the case has pointed out that the evidence in the case had been tampered with. There was a definite attempt to wash away the blood stains from the crime scene. The blood on his water bottle and bag was also found rubbed.

All these revelations during the course of the investigation, bring the school authorities in the radar of suspicion that they are hiding something, probably by using the bus conductor as a scapegoat.

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