NRI visits mother after a year, finds her skeleton in Mumbai flat

The old and ailing mother had died unnoticed while the son lived in US

It’s official now! If there is something called ‘Kalyug’ then that has possibly arrived.

There is no one in this world who can feel affection for a person like the parents feel for their kids. A mother tolerates excruciating pain and brings her child into existence, while a father often sacrifices his own wishes for the best upbringing of the child. They try to give them the best education with the least expectancy of spending their old age in comfort. But alas! If only the kids lived up to those expectations, this world would be a happy place with no sad parents.

In a spine chilling incident that brings attention to the despairing condition of NRIs’ parents residing in India, a man identified as Rituraj Sahni, who works at an IT company in the US came to meet his mother after a year to find her skeleton in her Mumbai flat.

“Rituraj visits India to meet his mother either once a year or every six months. He last spoke to her in April last year. He claims that he has no relatives in the city,” a police officer told Hindustan Times.

The skeleton of Rituraj’s mother, 63-year-old Asha Sahni, was found on Sunday. Reportedly, his mother lived alone and none of the neighbours had any hints about her existence.

Rituraj landed in Mumbai on Sunday at around 3.30 pm. He reached his mother’s flat in Mumbai’s posh Oshiwara area and rang the doorbell but his mother did not respond. He had to get help from a key maker, who made a duplicate key of the flat and opened the door. It was then, that he found that not only had his mother died but what had remained was only her skeleton. Rituraj then contacted Oshiwara police station and a case of accidental death was registered. The body was taken to the Siddharth Hospital for a post-mortem.

It’s an extremely shocking fact that it had been almost a year since he last spoke to his mother. We have never seen or heard a story of such an unfortunate son until now. One telephone call and a year had elapsed. It’s also being understood that society members had informed him of his mother’s disappearance but he thought she has shifted to an old age home.

This incident has truly left behind one of the most contemptuous and condemnable precedences in the history of humanity. In today’s fast growing economic world vis a vis nuclear family system, parents have become just another burden.

Let’s hope that we do not fall prey to the same skeleton-state in our future. What’s is the point of being humans when we cannot give due dignity to the elderly people?

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