Here is what PM Modi said about the Kathua and Unnao rape case!

Nothing. Nothing so far. We will update the story if and when our Honourable PM makes any comments regarding the same. At the time of writing this post, PM Modi was live on Facebook while inaugurating Dr. Ambedkar National Memorial in Delhi.

Update: PM Modi finally broke his silence during the speech at Dr. Ambedkar National Memorial and spoke about the disgusting crimes against girls. He said, “I want to assure the country that no culprit will be spared, complete justice will be done. Our daughters will definitely get justice.”

the comments came after huge outrage on social media over PM’s silence on both Kathua and Unnao rape cases. His remarks were expected even more because in both cases, BJP leaders were directly involved. In Unnao, BJP leader Kuldeep Senger was the main accused. In Kathua, two BJP members (who later resigned) led the protests in support of the culprits.

Over PM Modi’s comment, INC President later asked “When?”, pointing towards the common practice of delayed justice in India.

The Unnao and Kathua rape cases have led to huge protests across the country, similar to what was seen back in 2012 against UPA government over Nirbhaya rape case and became one of the primary reasons behind the downfall of Congress.

Note: Team TVR would like to thank The Quint for their exclusive coverage of the PM’s remarks.

Meanwhile, here is what prominent members of Indian politics had to say about the heinous crimes…

Meanwhile, the likes of Yogi Adityanath, Amit Shah, and Arun Jaitley have made no remarks about the victims and the crime. Even female leaders like Smriti Irani and Sushma Swaraj are silent about it.

Silence is not always golden…

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