Principal beaten with an iron rod by class 9 student for confiscating his mobile phone

On Monday, September 11, the principal of Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi was beaten with an iron rod by a class 9 student after he confiscated his mobile phone.

Later the principal, Mewa Lal, filed a complaint at Bhajanpura police station. “We have taken his statement and also made his MLC (medico legal case) report. The accused has been identified as a 15-year-old. After going through the facts of the case, we will send a team to apprehend the boy,” said DCP (northeast) A K Singla to the Indian Express.

Lal had gone to take his routine rounds on Monday at around 2.50 p.m. when he found the boy accused playing games on his mobile phone. The principal immediately expropriated the mobile phone from the custody of the boy and reprimanded him for such action. He also asked him to get his parents along if he wanted his mobile phone back.

Afterwards, when the principal went for a round of the school playground, the boy approached him with a rod taken from a broken desk in his hand.

“The boy came from behind and hit me. He had a rod in his hand and he first attacked my legs. He made several blows and I got hurt on my legs and hand. Seeing this, some children and the staff ran and controlled the boy,” alleged Lal, who was taken to Jag Pravesh Chandra Hospital at Shastri Park.

Incidents like these, involving immoral acts of violence have become a common occurrence in our country, especially at the grassroot level. This can be attributed to an enormous change in the attitude, mental and physical behavior of adolescents. Everything which surrounds an individual takes a toll on their psyche. Since violence is very much prevalent in our society, it is only but obvious, that children also get influenced by it. Children, especially in their growing age are very impressionable. They live in a make-believe world, so parents and teachers have a colossal responsibility in bringing up a child in a proper manner.

Such murderous reaction of a child, who is merely fourteen to fifteen years old in response to something as trivial as a mobile phone being taken away from him, makes it very evident that we have an alarming situation at our disposal. Children are supposed to be the future of the society, if they take resort to such brutal outlash as a source of redemption, our future is pretty much at stake!

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