How Priya Seth, the Queen bee of Tinder trapped extorted and then murdered her bait, Dushyant Sharma

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All that glitters are not gold, and in the current age of technology-driven world where information is just a click away, one should be more cautious before making friends with unknown people. Especially, dating sites like Tinder and others that have made life much more accessible to stock people.

From the era of Urvashi to seductive modern escorts, History has witnessed many incidents of enchantment and their adverse consequences.

Priya Seth, daughter of a Professor at a tender age of 23, in the addiction of worldly pleasure sought out shortcut measures and entered into the world of darkness leading to human flesh trafficking, ATM looting, and finally murder.

She came into the picture when she got caught by the Jaipur Police while patrolling around 3 pm on 1st December 2014 for breaking into an ATM with the help of her boyfriend, Anil Jangid near Mansarovar area.

Apart from this, there are several other allegations that she was involved in cases like extortion, escort service, honey-traps, and false rape case.

The murder case of Dushyant Sharma revolves around the criminal trio – Priya Seth, Dikshant Karma and Lakshya Walia with Priya being the master planner.

Report purportedly states that Dushyant, the bait, met Priya with a different identity and told her that he was quite wealthy and has a lot of money. Priya was living with Dikshant, her present boyfriend and he had a debt of 21 lakhs. They had a plan in mind to kidnap somebody from whom they could extort money and kill the person after that and Dushyant became the live bait. She allured and entrapped him with the help of other two homicide – Dikshant Karma and Lakshya Walia, extorted money from his family and finally murdered him.

According to Priya, they had killed him even before they received the money from his father. Firstly, Dikshant strangled him. He survived. Then Lakshya came and smothered him with a pillow. He became unconscious, but still, he survived. Then Dikshant asked for a knife from Priya and slit his throat.

As per Dikshant, he also met Priya through tinder often spoke over the phone and got emotionally attracted and later on shifted to a flat. He was about to launch a YouTube channel as he was jobless for three months. They came close to each other. Priya lied to him saying that she worked with a travel agency called Vasu Holidays and he trusted her. Later on, he came to know that she was a hoax and was planning to leave her. During the incident of Dushyant, he was not aware of the whole plot and at the end moment, Lakshya, and he both agreed to the plan of torturing and extortion, but ultimately, she stabbed him, and till the end, it is she who stabbed him, and he abides by his statement. It was all her plan.

As per Lakshya, 70 percent of the plan was of Priya, and 30 percent was of Dikshant. The murder was entirely her plan. Initially, the idea was to threaten, scare, extort and leave him.
In the morning she told them about the plan of murder to safeguard themselves.

The body was packed in a suitcase and dumped in a village outside Jaipur in the afternoon. Immediately, after the murder, she duped her next target in a 5-star hotel in the evening.
Priya, Lakshya, and Dikshant, the trio is currently in jail facing trial for kidnapping, torturing, extortion and murder.

The most natural and most effective way to entrap men is to play with their mind. As per psychologists, women have the innate ability to win over men in the game of alluring and seduction as by nature women are subtle with strong intuitive powers.

One theory of addiction suggests a severe imbalance is caused due to ‘push-me–pull-me’ dynamic. Most people who have an obsession, from gambling, smoking to fly by night womanizing, are aware of the damage their habit causes. But they find it more comfortable to approach their goal than to avoid it.

One should be cautious and aware before making friendship with any random people. If one feels in deep soup, one should immediately reach out to their local police stations and counselors. The purpose is to create general awareness amongst people before indulging with unknown faces.

Even Dushyant’s father, Rajeshwar Sharma has got the same plea to highlight the incident so that strict punishment is given to the trio and save people from becoming victims of similar events.

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