Pune restaurant threatens customer for leaving a bad review on Zomato

A restaurant in Pune named 1 BHK Superbar has been receiving a lot of flak in the last 24 hours on the social media.

It all began when a group of friends went to the restaurant a couple of days ago. After their meal, when the bill arrived, they saw that the restaurant had charged 18% GST as well as 10% service charge. When they refused to pay the service charge and asked the waiter to remove it from the bill, it was not taken well by the management. After a heated argument, they reluctantly offered a “discount” on the service charge.

Unhappy with her experience at the restaurant, the customer, Surbhi Dhawan left a negative review on Zomato. However, little did she know that instead of apologising for the unpleasant experience, the restaurant would threaten her friends and herself.

Surbhi’s review on Zomato:

The restaurant somehow managed to acquire the contact numbers of Surbhi’s friends and threatened them to remove the low review from the Zomato page.

In a post on Reddit India, a person going with the user id, u/pucado, shared screenshots of messages received from the restaurant showing how they were being threatened to take down the review.

Since it was first posted about 23 hours ago, the issue has blown up on Reddit.

Rajat Grover, who calls himself the director of 1BHK Superbar, Baner, Pune, further went on to threaten the user and Surbhi on Reddit when the matter blew up. Later,  he deleted his account.

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This is not the only time that Mr Rajat Grover has responded to a review so harshly. It seems that he cannot handle criticism very well. Last month, when another Zomato user, Abhilash Patil, had left a negative review for 1 BHK Superstar, Grover had even then, humiliated the reviewer with a very mean response.

Platforms like Zomato offer its users complete freedom to leave a review for a restaurant so that other users may decide upon their choice of the restaurant through these reviews. If the users are happy with the food, service, ambience of a restaurant they may give a positive review. If they did not like the restaurant’s food or service, they have the right to give a bad review. Instead of lashing out at the reviewer, a restaurant must handle the criticism and work on improving their quality of food and service.

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