Rajasthan MLA public show of Goondaism: Brash refusal to pay toll

This Rajasthan MLA was caught on camera bullying the toll employees for just doing their duty. Shreeram Bhinchar, a BJP MLA from Makrana, Rajasthan can be seen openly using his powers to threaten the toll employees and then later push them in full public view.

The only fault of this toll employee was that he dared to ask the MLA to pay toll. Shreeram Bhincher was passing through Jaipur-Nagaur highway along with 50 other cars for a wedding procession. The toll personnel let Bhincher’s two car go away without giving toll but he insisted on letting all the 50 cars go without paying toll charges.

When toll employees objected to it, Bhincher started arguing with the employees and threatened them do whatever they want adding that he won’t let the cars give toll even if it means he has to fight them. Later on he can be seen pushing one of the employees when he came to stop their car.

While the common man has to pay enormous toll taxes inspite of other taxes such a coercive act of a statesman poses serious questions to the VIP culture these people are use to enjoy. A member of a legislative assembly ought to behave responsible creating examples for others rather than showing off by such condemnable acts that How he is above law and regulations?

The Voice Raiser would urge Rajasthan Government to take severe action against the said BJP’s MLA.

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