Rape: Not only a painful torture to one’s body but to their soul as well – Kundan Srivastava

Speechless! Yes, I am just speechless. A so-called ‘Rape News’ (as we call it now), Yes, a random rape news, shocked, shattered and made me numb, all at the same time. This morning, I woke up to this utter shameful news wherein, not only was a poor lady raped in an auto, near our national capital, but her innocent 9-month-old daughter was thrown outside the auto because she was disturbing the rapists. The unfortunate lady (Although the word unfortunate isn’t sufficient to describe her pain) not only had to go through the mental and physical trauma of getting raped, but also had to endure the agony of her only child’s merciless murder in front of her eyes.

The helpless lady then took the metro with her dead child’s lifeless body in a hope that she might still be alive. But, the force with which the little one was brutally hit had already taken away any chances of her being alive.

Three men – the driver and two co-passengers of the shared auto, she had got into with her baby girl, barbarically raped her and threw her baby on the median verge of a road in Gurugram’s Manesar. The trio raped her past 2 am when there was no one to ask for help. I can only Imagine her affliction when her raped soul and body was forced to hold her motionless baby in her arms entire night and it makes me feel so petrified! physical torture it tortures the victim’s soul to unimaginable lengths. I don’t get it! what has got into men nowadays?

Apart from being the worst form of physical torture, rape torments the victim’s soul to unimaginable lengths. I don’t get it! what has got into men nowadays? Why are they so blinded by their lust, that they don’t think twice before snatching a woman’s honour? What makes them so lecherous that they can even go to the extent of killing someone to satiate their sexual desires?

Yesterday itself, I came across an obscene ashtray on Amazon that was shaped as a nude woman. Why is this objectification of woman increasing more and more?

Women are not merely sexual objects, whom you can use to fulfill your sexual desires. One of the reasons behind the continuous splurge in sexual crimes against women is the fact that our country places women lower than men. Rape is treated as ‘just another crime’. Victim-blaming is a common notion amongst people. The government seems to avoid the repercussions of this crime and follow ‘Let it go with the flow’ policy. There are no changes in our laws to ensure stringent punishment to rapists. Societal mindset towards women is also one of the major cause.

Let’s face it that there is a total and complete disrespect for women in Indian religious scriptures as well. One of the articles that I had read long back, stated that in one of India’s epic religious texts, there was a verse whose meaning goes like “There is no creature more sinful, than woman. She is poison, she is snake.” Other texts say that “Women are living lies.” If this is the general conception about women’s status, how can they garner respect? I know, much has been and is being said about rape. Some blame the government, some blame the society, while others blame men. But here, the question that is more important than this blame game is, How will this heinous crime stop?

And, mind it! we need to stop this anyhow. Otherwise, the day is not far when this planet will be devoid of the woman species. People will stop having girls as their children altogether, owing to the fear of her being raped, or worse, raped and killed!

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